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Czech Politicians Racy Calendar

Hmmm, I bet Hillary wishes she’d thought of this …

From the only-in-Europe file comes the juicy news that some members of the new Czech parliament stirred things up during the May election campaign by releasing a racy calendar featuring pinup shots of female politicians posing in lingerie.

The 2011 calendar sold by the Public Affairs party features photos of its female members, four of whom were elected in the May vote that saw a record 44 women elected to the 200-person congress.

Although such a move would spark a scandal in the U.S. — where we prefer our pinup models to come from the worlds of film, fashion and car racing — it’s just another sign of the cultural and political blossoming of the Czechs, who tossed out a large number of old-guard, Communist-era male politicians in the recent elections.

Proceeds from the calendar will go toward a children’s hospital. To read an interesting perspective on this story, check out the Wall Street Journal‘s predictably thorough account.

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