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I know what you’re all probably thinking. That poor Lady Gaga:

  • must have lost her luggage at the airport;
  • wore the same outfit to the ballgame last week;
  • really should invest in some Spanx;
  • all of the above.

No matter, this is the kind of PDU (public display of underwear) that we’ll support every time!

In fact, wherever you live, I guarantee it wasn’t nearly as cool as Toronto over the weekend (despite our continuing heat wave). On Sunday, a sensibly and predictably underdressed Lady Gaga worked the crowd into a frothing frenzy at downtown’s Air Canada Centre.

And the night before, her male doppelganger Elton John — though much more conservatively attired in silk purple tails — did the same thing to many of the same people in next-door Hamilton.

But Gaga was all the rage on Sunday, and even shocked a few locals by wandering around the city, bumping into fans (see bottom photo), signing autographs and generally soaking up the celebrity. I mean, wouldn’t you?

Oh, and no, I missed LG but did get to see Sir Elton and his non-stop three-hour blitz of zillion-sellers. It occurred to me that this is the same kind of show Lady Gaga will be doing in about 20 years … more conservatively dressed, no doubt.

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