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Taylor Momsen: Gossip Girl Gone Gaga?
Posted by melanie | June 30, 2010

Well, Holy Toledo! Little Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl ain’t so little anymore — and I’m not talking about her boot size.

Recently photos have surfaced of Taylor Momsen touring with her band The Pretty Reckless in somewhat (okay, completely) wacky outfits and I feel as though Momsen needs a refresher about public displays of underwear.

Although Momsen now considers herself a ‘mature’ actress, evidently likes to smoke cigarettes and sing about teen angst (we get it: you look more affected with raccoon-eye makeup). And she is only SIXTEEN!

In these shocking photos Momsen appears onstage looking as if she’s just rolled out of bed in her undergarments. Somewhere her youth is crying.

Did she forget to put clothes on in the morning? Does she have an aversion to pants? Perhaps she thinks it makes her appear more like an afflicted, melancholic musician &#224 la Courtney Love? Or maybe she’s just gone Gaga?

Obviously I don’t have any plausible explanation for her wardrobe choices (or, rather, the lack thereof), but what I do know is this: the lingerie-as-outerwear trend this season was merely a suggestion, not a requirement; and secondly, YOU’RE 16! Even can’t-be-tamed Miley Cyrus waited a bit longer before stripping down!

Oh, and don’t even get me started on TM’s lucite platform piggy-bank heels (right) that belong in a strip joint and not on an adolescent girl performing in front of an audience … in lingerie!

Look, I get that performers often wear outlandish and often times provocative costumes onstage, but when you’re not even of legal age…really?!

Little J (yes, Momsen, you), while I appreciate the consistent effort you put into achieving the seedy stripper-cum-afflicted-musician persona, perhaps you could lighten up just a little? You know, maybe try and view the world as half-full? After all you’re only SIX— well, you get the point…

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