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There were no fireworks, no parade on Fifth Avenue, not even a photo op in the Rose Garden (which would have been so appropriate). And you probably didn’t even get a greeting card.

But yesterday — we kid you not! — was National Pink Day in America, the only “national” day set aside to celebrate a color.

It’s not connected with breast cancer fundraising (though that too would be appropriate) and it’s not a gay thing either, but for some reason June 23 is set aside every year for this singular purpose. No one seems to know why or when it started, or who dreamed up NPD, though my money is on whoever invented cotton candy. Whatever — the point is, get out there and wear pink, drink pink, get pink streaks, eat a pink cupcake. Just don’t try to tell the boss it’s a stat holiday.

As you probably noticed (or not), nothing much happens on National Pink Day. And we’d like to rectify that.

While so many of you spent the day ignoring pink, I was up to my ears in it. My assignment: comb through the catalogues of the world’s leading lingerie labels to find the best and most innovative uses of pink in lingerie.

What follows are the results of Lingerie Talk’s first salute to the sweetest — and some would say sexiest — lingerie shade.

Of course, where color palettes are concerned, the lingerie world is dominated by black, white and nude tones. But a large number of leading designers and lingerie labels take pink very seriously, and always manage to include a few dazzling pink lines in their collections. Some — Ella Macpherson, Jean Yu, Janet Reger and Maya Hansen to name just a few — are clearly smitten with pink.

And designing pink lingerie is a challenge. Pink was every girl’s favorite color when they were 9; it’s the color of choice for little girls’ undies. So how does a designer, working with that cultural archetype, create stylish pink lingerie that isn’t silly, girly-girly, or just plain childish? Can pink be elegant, even sophisticated?

Our answer is a joyful “yes”. As the bonanza of images below reveal, there’s a tremendous amount of creative, fun, stylish work being done in pink by today’s lingerie designers.

Before we pull back the curtains, a couple of research notes. First, pink is pink, though there are as many tones and shades as with any other color. Designers like to label their creations with names like seafoam, raspberry, coral, blush, lipstick … whatever. We know pink when we see it.

Second, for obvious reasons, this gallery isn’t even close to complete. Our aim was to offer a representation of what can be done with this childhood staple, with as many different pieces and labels as possible. We stayed away from department store chains and mass-market teen brands (which are awash in girly pink), focusing on more artful and original creations.

Click on each image below to learn the designer/collection. (The main image above is a detail of the breathtaking pink bloomers from the Maya Hansen corestry label. That’s her corset, too.)

And don’t forget: National Pink Day 2011 is only 364 days away, so mark your calendar now!

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