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Lady Gaga - Yankee Stadium

When did this sort of thing become okay?

By now, most of you have probably seen the get-up that Lady Gaga wore to the Yankees game over the weekend. To say that it was lingerie-inspired would be charitable; she literally wore a sequined bra and briefs and not much else, save for an open Yankees jersey. (And no, the score wasn’t 1-1 when the right photo was shot!)

I’m sure the men in the box seats appreciated such a rare view, but as it made headlines all over the world were you really that surprised? I mean, it’s Lady Gaga — notorious for walking around half-naked, her demeanor calm and unaffected by gawking onlookers.

Many celebrities before her have worn sheer ensembles revealing a hint (sometimes, a lot) of their underpinnings, but it’s the envelope-pushing Gaga who made it ‘okay’ to walk around sans clothes. Still, there’s a fine line between fashion-forward and just plain tawdry.

Let’s examine a few celeb culprits and determine if their underwear-as-outerwear ensembles are good, bad or just plain fugly.

Public Underwear_Amber Rose

Who: Girlfriend of hip-hop star Kanye West
Where: Paris Fashion Week
Outfit: Slashed top over nude one-piece control garment.
Verdict: Fugly! This outfit is so wrong on so many levels — especially the exposure of a somewhat privately placed tattoo. TMI!

Public Underwear_Anna Dello Russo

Who: Editor-at-large for Vogue Nippon
Where: Street scene
Outfit: Dolce and Gabanna lace dress over crimson lingerie ensemble.
Verdict: This is a good example of making a public lingerie statement, as her briefs and bra provide ample coverage where they should, creating a sort of color-blocking effect. Sexy and sensible.


Who: English model
Where: Opening of a new Ultimo boutique
Outfit: Bra and slacks
Verdict: She looks half-dressed, even if it was for a lingerie shop. Might have worked if it was a convention for the adult entertainment industry.


Who: You have to ask?
Where: Premiere of Michael Jackson movie
Outfit: White corset with front lace-up closure.
Verdict: Some things are better left to the bedroom. Plus the tan topcoat makes the whole thing a bit pointless.

Public Underwear_Jodie Marsh

Who: British glamour model
Where: Red carpet somewhere
Outfit: Does a jewel-encrusted strap qualify as lingerie?
Verdict: No words to express my horror. Mayjah fug.(Although truthfully, the strap is probably the second or third worst piece in this frightful ensemble!)

Public underwear-Taylor Momsen

Who: Gossip girl
Where: Shopping, of course
Outfit: Torn tights and suspenders under mini-mini
Verdict: The exposed suspenders look is tricky — perfect for the Olsen twins, less so for most mortals. A classier top (even a mini-dress) would have helped TM here.

Public underwear- Lily Allen

Who: Singer
Where: On stage
Outfit: Mesh bodysuit and jeans
Verdict: There is an appropriate time and place for PDUs — and on the concert stage is one of them. Just bring a wrap if you’re stopping at Starbucks on the way home. (Oh, and just to be clear, a Yankees game is NOT an appropriate time/place…)

Public underwear-Lindsay Lohan

Who: Oh where do we start …
Where: Daily photo op
Outfit: Ivory corset over T-shirt over leggings.
Verdict: The girl has GOT to stop dressing in the dark!

Okay, so when it comes to public displays of underwear there aren’t many good examples, at least from the celebrity crowd. Lady Gaga definitely has some stiff competition, but what’s next? Celebrities venturing into public arenas completely nude?!

Now I want to hear from you! What’s your opinion of PDUs — yay or nay?

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