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Alice Eve: Beauty & Brains To Spare
Posted by richard | June 9, 2010
Alice Eve in Eres cami, vintage girdle - GQ Magazine

Yesterday we served up a new perspective on brainy actress Rose Byrne; today, once again courtesy of GQ Magazine, we put the same spotlight on UK beauty Alice Eve.

Alice is one of a large crop Hollywood late bloomers who are turning heads these days. To my eye, she’s a Jessica Simpson clone, but with some serious brains and acting chops (and yes, that can’t be a mixed blessing). Don’t believe me? Check out the Alice’s stellar performances in the little-seen Crossing Over or Starter For 10, a British indie gem cursed by a wretched title.

Oh, and not that it needs to be said again, but Alice was one of the good reasons for seeing Sex and the City 2.

In the recent GQ spread, shot by Mark Abrahams and mischievously titled Alice in Cougarland (take that, SJP!), fair Alice shows off some fetching nouveau vintage lingerie from D&G (below) and Eres (above).

As for the bottom photo, it just begs the question: can a bedsheet really be considered lingerie? Works for me.

Alice Eve in corset dress by D&G - GQ Magazine

Alice Eve for GQ Magazine
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