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Summer Fling Tangerine Bralet from Zinke Design

You know summer has arrived when a lingerie collection is filled with sorbet hues and floral patterns! The new s/s 2010 collection from Zinke Design (pronouced Zin-kee) features a young, playful and fun aesthetic that is sure to uplift your mood.

Created by sisters Arin Robinson and Jessie Zinke, the Electric Girl collection is a reflection of their style – versatile and uniquely sexy. Wanting to design pieces that could be mixed and matched, as well as encourage individual creative expression, the two sisters combined their expertise (one business, the other fashion design) to cultivate a fashion-forward label.

What I adore about the Zinke collection is not solely the feminine, pretty design, but also the simplicity of the images; featuring a youthful model with a cute high-knot bun and playful/bizarre props like an orange dumbell or tambourine.

Some of the styles that are very summer-worthy are the violet Fling Bralet and Panty (also in tangerine – see photo above), the foral Tea Party Jumper, Disco Drop-Out Bralet and Boyshort in mauve (seriously, the names are hilarious, non?) and the oh-so-sexy Daydream Chemise in amethyst.

Not only do the images bring a smile to my face, but oddly enough make me really crave a fruity popsicle or cup of sorbet. Weird … but really, they are the two things that make me the happiest in this world — laughing and food.

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Fuschia Dreamcatcher Robe from Zinke Design
Mauve Disco-Drop-Out Bralet & Boyshort from Zinke Design
Peach Disco-Drop-Out Bralet & Boyshort from Zinke Design
Night at the Drive-In Romper from Zinke Design
Floral Tea Party Jumper from Zinke Design
Daydream Chemise from Zinke Design

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