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Get The Inside Scoop On SATC2 Lingerie
Posted by melanie | June 4, 2010
Samantha in Marlies Dekkers 'Tinguely' thong

I finally went and saw Sex and the City 2 and, as promised, I am here to provide you lingerie addicts with all the undergarment deets.

If you recall (this post will surely refresh your memory) we peeked into the infamous closet of Carrie Bradshaw with the hopes of finding some lingerie, but to our dismay there was none!

It couldn’t possibly mean that there was to be no lingerie in the second SATC film — what Carrie wears to bed is just as important as what she wears outside; at least we here at Lingerie Talk like to think so!

Just as I suspected, upon viewing the film I was happy to see many gorgeous lingerie styles made their own show-stopping cameos. Designers like Huit, Cosabella, Eres, Hanro and a couple favorites of mine, Lake & Stars and Carine Gilson all made a fashionable appearance.

But don’t worry if you were distracted by the gazillion wardrobe changes to notice the pretty details, because the SATC 2 companion book by Amy Sohn will give you the inside scoop on Carrie’s underpinnings.

From naughty Samantha revealing her Marlies Dekkers thong at work (it’s Samantha) to Carrie’s pretty Lake & Stars Curveball chemise as well as the bra I currently covet, Marlies Dekkers’ Ship of Dreams, you can find all these looks and more in the film catalogue book.

Pick up your copy of SATC 2: The Stories. The Fashion. The Adventure. at to peruse all the drool-worthy images.

Sigh, a girl can dream, can’t she?

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