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Daria Werbowy in Elle McPherson and Alice Cadolle lingerie | Vogue Paris

Sometimes it’s not original ideas,  but  rather ones that take inspiration from what has been done before, that are truly ingenious.

And it seems as though French Vogue has it right when it comes to recycling something original and making it new and fresh again; in this case a seductive and enticing lingerie photo shoot with Canadian supermodel Daria Werbowy.

Admittedly, the photo shoot is from their May issue (we always get the issues a little en retard here across the pond) but you must see it because it’s one of the best lingerie shoots I’ve seen in a long time … as well as the steamiest.

Entitled La DécaDanse, the new shoot pays homage to a 1974 spread in Lui magazine of French lovebirds Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, shot by director Francis Giacobetti. The updated version features the feline-eyed Daria and her passionate co-star, Italian artist Francesco Vezzoli, captured by Mario Testino.

Why bother, you ask? Well, the short-lived Birkin-Gainsbourg union was a worldwide sensation/scandal 40 years ago, and the couple became an archetype of lusty, defiant, very public (and very French) amour. Hard to think of anyone who’s come close since, although it’s no coincidence that this edition of Vogue Paris was guest-edited by Penelope Cruz, herself no stranger to les affaires des couers.

Referencing Serge & Jane at the peak of their passion still triggers something deep and primal in the European audience today. Vogue seems to be asking: Can erotic energy be recycled? The answer seems to be: Passion, like love, is eternal.

The racy editorial spread has Serge and Jane 2.0 recreate the S&M-themed shoot, complete with pulling, grabbing and domination. Even though the photos are a little less provocative than the originals (definitely NSFW territory) they are nonetheless very erotic. Check out the first pair of shots below; that’s the original Jane-Serge on the right.

With all this amorous energy flying around, it’s understandably difficult to keep your eyes focused on the undergarments, but for a lingerie fanatic like moi these are such things I also notice (aside from the wandering hands of Serge 2.0). In the risqué photos Daria wears monotone grey/blue silks and lace in varied styles from the likes of Elle McPherson Intimates, Sabia Rosa as well as Alice Cadolle.

The lingerie really does bring a sensual element to the sexually-charged images, which is what I think renders them so alluring. Never did recycling look so sexy.

Daria Werbowy in Sabia Rosa bra | Vogue Paris
Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, 1974

Daria Werbowy in Elle McPherson boxer and Sabia Rosa bra | Vogue Paris

Daria Werbowy and Francesco Vezzoli | Vogue Paris

Daria Werbowy in Sabia Rosa slip | Vogue Paris

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  1. Misa says:

    Lingerie and passion will forever be linked, but I am not sure which comes first! Its a gorgeous shoot, and well done picking up the reference! I think when compared to the 1974 shoot, it feels a little less ‘hot’. The 1974 images exude energy and chemistry – perhaps because Barkin & Gainsbourg were ‘for real’. Regardless its always great to see lingerie getting the attention it deserves in fashion editorial!

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