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Play Peekaboo With Cutout Swimwear
Posted by melanie | June 2, 2010
Phuket one-piece swimsuit by Melissa Odabash

If there is one swimsuit trend that I am eager to try this summer, it is the cutout styles that are featured in every swimwear collection — although I may just refrain from sporting Victoria’s Secret topless bikini, thank you very much!

Taking their cues from the runway, designers have incorporated all the rips, slashes and cutouts that graced the catwalks at Gucci and Balmain, into sexy styles that simultaneously reveal and conceal.

The great thing about this swimwear trend is that there is a style to suit every personality: from the ultra-glam Melissa Odabash Marrakech style, to the streamlined sporty Emilio Pucci (bottom photos), and the sexy peekaboo Red Carter Slashed one-piece, everyone can participate in the cutout trend.

Swimwear designer Melissa Odabash has said that even conservative places like Dubai are asking for cutout styles. “They end up being my best-sellers because I make them not really for the water. They are more for just showing off your body.”

And indeed, do they ever show off your body! It’s definitely a swimsuit style fit for a confident and sexy woman, not to mention that designer Red Carter thinks that these sexy styles look exceptional on curvy women like American-Armenian socialite Kim Kardashian.

But bathers be warned: wearing Melissa Odabash’s Marrakech style (below right), for example, will undoubtedly garner  a lot of attention at the beach or poolside, but it may not be the best suit to wear to your neighborhood pool or family reunion!

If you’re fashion-forward or looking for a very expressive piece of swimwear, then the cutout trend is definitely for you — just remember to wear SPF unless you want zebra-esque tan lines!

Slashed one-piece by Red Carter
Marrakech swimsuit from Melissa Odabash
Neoprene Zigzag swimsuit by Emilio Pucci
Neoprene Zigzag swimsuit by Emilio Pucci

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