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Although I usually stick to a subtle-toned color palette, there is something  I find refreshing about vibrant summer hues. I’m especially into the 90s trend of neon colors, whether it’s hot pink nail polish or an acid yellow tee.

The only hitch is that I feel slightly apprehensive about embracing such bold colors. But, after seeing Deborah Marquit’s collection of fluorescent-hued lingerie,  I think I may have found the perfect way to participate in the 90s neon revival.

The collection is called Light Your Body, which is both a figurative and literal title. Figurative because Marquit’s collection was inspired (oddly enough) by Carl Jung’s book Memories, Dreams, Reflections; Marquit’s interpretation of the psycoanalyst’s dissertations is that the fluorescent colors please the human psyche by transfering light to and from the body, therefore to and from the spirit. Simply put, the punchy colors can affect and/or enhance your ‘state’ or mood.

Now the latter, literal meaning is that the fluorescent colors actually do light up your body — they glow under a black light

I’m not sure if I’m into the fluorescent  lingerie for their perceived spiritual qualities (nor do I want to resemble a walking glow-stick), but what I do know is that I love how the collection is made from chantilly lace and that the styles have a vintage appeal. The made-to-order  handmade separates come in five uplifting colors — pink, violet, orange, yellow and green.

Even as color-resistant as I am, the pieces are just far too pretty to hide!

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Deborah Marquit Lingerie
Deborah Marquit Lingerie

One Response to “90s Flashback: Light Your Body With Fluorescent Neon Lingerie”

  1. Maggie says:

    I love the style of these bras. The lace is so delicate and demure and I think it’s fabulous that they are paired with such crazy highbeam colors.

    Frankly, I think these are perfect for summer, considering that all the itty bitty tank tops have spaghetti straps that don’t hide the bra straps anyway. If they have to be seen, they may as well be bold!

    This collection is fabulous if potentially seizure inducing.



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