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Store Your Purse In Your Bra With The Cleavage Caddy!
Posted by melanie | May 27, 2010
Cleavage Caddy_1

First there was the Backtacular gluteal cleft patch, and now the Cleavage Caddy. For once, words almost escape me — almost.

Yes ladies, forgo your handbags, clutches and satchels for you can proudly wear the contents of your purse in your chest!

You read correctly; the makers of the Cleavage Caddy think it an ingenious idea that women shove an ‘organizational’ insert into their bra where they can stash credit cards, make-up and keys. Oh, but not to worry because they come in a variety of colors and styles (like lace to offer more modesty!), and promise not to create added bulk.

Right, because nothing is more discreet and classy than stray bills and keys peeking out from your bra … not to mention how convenient it is dig into your cleavage and take a cell phone call! Just imagine the reactions you’d get in the grocery store line-up!

Hey, I’m all for inventions and creating a product that actually improves our lives, but when it’s just plain wacky I draw the line.

That being said, I am secretly hoping to spy the organizational-cleavage-insert this summer. I am not sure if I would be horrified at the sight or oddly impressed with the woman gutsy enough to wear such a get-up.

So what’s your take? Has the Bra Caddy gone too far?

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