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Plus-Size Models Good Enough For MC
Posted by richard | May 26, 2010
Laura Catterall - Marie Claire

Now there’s an image you won’t find in a lot of lingerie fashion shoots over here.

The French edition of Marie Claire produced an eye-popping editorial spread in its June issue that features plus-sized models in some new lingerie and swimwear pieces.

UK models Hayley Morley (below right) and Laura Catterall have a very anti-glam demeanor in the shoot – slouchy, defiant, even a bit pissed off.

And no wonder. 50 years ago these 12+ models would be mainstream icons of feminine beauty; today, when they land a cover shoot, it’s news.

The Marie Claire shoot comes at the same time that American media and the fashion industry in general are struggling with the growing public acceptance of plus-size models. A health magazine gets caught airbrushing its cover girl to make her look bigger; while Glamour mag clearly took the Photoshop tools to Crystal Renn in an unconvincing photo spread supposedly depicting women of “all sizes.”

All this on the heels of the Great Lane Bryant Scandal, wherein women thicker than sticks were briefly allowed on network TV — but not without a fight.

Stay tuned. There’s revolution in the air.

Laura Catterall - Marie Claire
Hayley Morley - Marie Claire
Hayley Morley - Marie Claire
Hayley Morley - Marie Claire

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