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Summer Solution: NuBra Is A Real Sunburn Beater
Posted by melanie | May 25, 2010
NuBra Silicone U-Shape
NuBra Seamless Push Up

I had the great idea yesterday to sit outside and get some much-needed sun, as it was just far too beautiful to stay indoors.

Sunscreen? No, I wanted to get fast results and maximize my time in the sun!

Well, four hours and three margaritas later, I was pinker than a cooked lobster. So today I’ve been lying in my bed, my back in painful agony — and just the thought of bra straps makes me wince.

Thankfully, NuBra is my savior; were it not for this self-adhesive strapless bra, I honestly don’t know what I would do!

So how exactly does the completely strapless bra work? Well, the cups adhere to your chest using a specially formulated PSA adhesive, which is far more effective than adhesive tape offered in the lingerie industry.

NuBra Ultra-Light

Contrary to expectations, once washed the NuBra adhesive regenerates its tackiness for repeated wear. And even though I’m praising this innovation (seriously, it will change your life!) due to my sun-baked back, the bra is the perfect solution for all summer clothing. Wear it with back-baring dresses and tops, deep-V styles, or slinky and clingy materials.

Since the product’s launch in 2002, NuBra has re-introduced the original bra in a lighter-weight option (right), as well as seamless version (top right) to eliminate any lines, and a U-shaped NuBra perfect for deep-plunging styles (top left). The bra also comes in a variety of flesh tones for a virtually invisible appearance, and is made of silicone to provide the wearer with a more natural feel.

Skin-scorched or not, I say the NuBra is a must-have addition for any lingerie drawer! Visit the online store at, and to view additional styles.

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