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Better Underwear For Ms Pac-Man?
Posted by richard | May 23, 2010
No More Heroes Lingerie

Here’s something interesting for all those Nintendo addicts who are lucky enough to have super-sexy secret agent girlfriends. Yeah, I’m talking to YOU.

From the strange-but-true department comes news that Bedtime Flirt, an online retailer of erotic apparel, has created the world’s first lingerie collection inspired by a video game.

Bedtime Flirt has partnered with video game developer Rising Star to fashion an unlikely collection of outfits based on the No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle game which launches next week.

No More Heroes 2 is all about style,” insists Rising Star’s Martin Defries. “It’s a game which effortlessly exudes cool – and we wanted to offer fans of the game the opportunity to replicate that cool in real life.”

Hmm, that “real life” thing could be a problem.

I guess if you’re into role-playing fantasy games, then this is probably what passes for women in your world. And, sigh, this is probably what passes for lingerie.

For those of you who missed the first NMH (which my little brother tells me was “mega”), here’s what the Bedtime Flirt collection offers:

  • Agent Sylvia, who is exactly what your sister would look like if she was hotter, wearing a shorty raincoat (there’s a black lace demi-cup bra and thong underneath) with lace gloves.
  • Shinobu, kind of an Asian version of Storm, in sweet lace gloves and stockings, plus one of your mom’s old nighties.
  • And the sultry Naomi, straight out of your favorite beer commercial, wearing a satin corset tied up with hockey skate laces and matching suspenders to hold up your dad’s hip waders.

Dream on, lads, dream on. But remember, this stuff is expensive, your girlfriend/sister/babysitter won’t try it on for you, and your mom is going to want to know what was in that package that came in the mail.

Still, if you want to see more, go here.

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