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Cali Dreaming - Fine Baby Mesh Bikini in Medium Beige
Cali Dreaming - Pearlized Mesh Bikini in Medium Beige
Cali Dreaming - One-Piece Swimsuit
Cali Dreaming - One-Piece Swimsuit_Back View

As you already know, I am very fond of the nude trend that’s so prominent in fashion lingerie right now, so it’s no surprise that my wardrobe is a sea of blush, beige and neutral tones.

And since swimwear trends for 2010 encompass everything from scuba-inspired designs, nautical influences and tribal details, it’s nice to know that some designers are bringing simple back.

In particular, a new swimwear design duo, Lisa Priolo and Carrie Jardine of Cali Dreaming, have created a swimsuit line entirely devoted to subdued colors in nude tones that practically disappear on skin (I know, I’m beyond ecstatic).

“We were in search of swimwear that was both understated, yet still sophisticated,” said the Venice Beach-based design team.

Yes, most of the swimsuits are flesh-toned, but they’re anything but boring — the designs are made from multiple layers of mesh and Lycra fine jersey that show off one’s body shape rather than conceal it (no kidding, seeing as you could pratically look naked).

The 2010 collection features a simple, perforated bandeau-style bikini with twist-knot detail, as well as a low-cut one-piece and a nude, mesh string bikini, each at $154. I think the design detail that will impress most women is the fact that the elastic is hidden; no more digging into the skin and creating unsightly rolls!

Going back to the topic of nude tones, I’m sure many of you are probably freaking out over the prospect of wearing something so revealing. But in fact, Jardine and Priolo swear that their swimsuits are more flattering than throwing on a large black swimsuit, as the nude swimsuits blend into your skin rather than draw attention to it.
Another styling tip? The fashionable duo advise buying a nude suit one shade darker than your natural skin tone, and I advise (if you’re ghastly pale as I), to slather on some self-tanner.

The 2010 Cali Dreaming collection is available at

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