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Hanky Panky Flag Thong: Salute To The Troops!
Posted by richard | May 18, 2010
Hanky Panky Flag Thong

Memorial Day is fast approaching and you don’t want to be caught unprepared.

Thanks to Hanky Panky, now there’s no excuse for not being festively dressed should an amorous moment arise on the U.S. national holiday that commemorates the nation’s military sacrifices.

HP has taken its trademarked World’s Most Comfortable Thong® and come out with a special edition Low Rise Flag Thong to mark the U.S. holiday.

The navy blue lace thong is decorated with a rhinestone American flag, and sells for $22 through the Hanky Panky website. And yes, it’s made in the USA!

So there you have it. Sexy underwear to salute Americans who died serving their country. You decide how tasteful this is.

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