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Inside Carrie’s Closet: SATC2 Opens Up Its Drawers
Posted by richard | May 17, 2010
SATC2 Closet

What are these girls hiding?

That’s the question we’re left with after snooping around in the interactive Sex and the City 2 online Closet – which lets viewers see and purchase fashion items from the upcoming movie.

The little web app is a clever part of the marketing juggernaut behind SATC2, but there’s something missing. You guessed it – no lingerie. Nary a slip or cami or bodysuit, not even a pair of stockings, to be found amidst the shades and jewelry, scarves and headbands, clutches and totes, the gowns and caftans and all those bloody shooooooes.

Why so shy, girls? One explanation for the lack of intimates on display could be that, this time, SATC is going for the PG-13 crowd. No more shots of bras and knickers flung across the room during one of Samantha’s romps? Surely, not!

A more plausible theory is that the SJP empire simply didn’t land a product placement “partnership” with any lingerie designers for SATC2. Quite an oversight, I’d say – I mean, the movie’s got a laundry list of “partners”, including Nestea iced tea for heaven’s sake.

No matter. We might get a peek under Carrie’s Halston tomorrow, with the release of the Sex and the City 2 book. The 500-page book (see excerpt below) will be available through Amazon and features photos and detailed product listings of every outfit Carrie wears in the movie.

Or, if you just want to get warmed up for the May 27 opening of the film, check out the SATC2 Facebook page – they’ve just added 57 new photos!

Sex and the City 2 Book
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