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If you’re a self-professed lingerie addict/enthusiast and lucky enough to be heading overseas this summer (England in particular), then you will most definitely have to stop by the quaint town of Sleaford in Lincolnshire (I know, the name belongs in a romance novel).

Why would I be so adamant about you visiting a farm town of a modest population of 14, 494? Well, because I can’t travel to England this summer, and thus am traveling vicariously through you and, well, little Sleaford is featuring an informative and unique lingerie exhibit aptly titled Undercover: The Evolution of Underwear. The Hub National Centre for Art and Design is hosting this touring exhibit (originally curated at the Fashion and Textile Museum of London), from May 8-July4.

Whether you have a stopover in England or a week’s vacation, the two-hour travel time from London to Sleaford will  leave you anything but disappointed once you see the exhibit.

From the first patented bra in 1915 to the most modern innovations, the exhibition explores how women have been shaped, enhanced and even controlled by shapewear to achieve a desirous figure. The exhibition will  feature dramatic visual displays that will entice visitors into the ‘intimate femininity of the boudoir’. From the everyday support garment, to fashion must-haves, the collection will also feature ‘Stars and their Bras’, while also discussing the mergence of cultural, social, and economic influences on underwear marketing and advertising.

From risque&#223 to the radical (like a Swarovski crystal-encrusted bra), the display features exquisite pieces from the Who’s Who of lingerie designers: Stella McCartney, La Perla, Wonderbra, Myla, Christian Dior, Calvin Klein and Elle Macpherson Intimates, to name a few.

Oh, and just when you thought you could hop across the pond and escape any mention of SATC2 &#8212 think again. The exhibition appropriately displays a Lake and Stars bodysuit that Sarah Jessica Parker wore in the first SATC movie, conveniently in time for the premiere.

Looks like your summer gotta a whole lot sexier. For more info, visit

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