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The arty New Zealand label Lonely Hearts turned quite a few heads last year when it introduced its first lingerie line, simply called Lonely.

The small collection of cute, edgy pieces appealed to young non-conformists who wanted to look sexy and miserable at the same time. About time all the glum girls out there had something to call their own, don’t you think?

Observers called the label quirky, kooky, even grunge-y; one even suggested Lonely Hearts had produced the first line of underwear for teenage zombies — an impression heightened by LH’s “Brains For Dinner” fashion line, with its raggedy layered coordinates, abundant use of black mesh lace, and ghoulish models. Awesome stuff!

Lonely Hearts is now back with its second collection – called Lonely II – of bras, briefs and bodysuits. No pussycat ears this time, though!

Some of the distinctive features of the first collection are still there: frilled bands, lace trim, lots of chiffon and silk and sheer, see-through prints – not to mention the highly original strap patterns, which have become a Lonely Hearts hallmark.

Lonely Hearts lingerie doesn’t always look that comfortable, but it’s wickedly creative and a ton of fun to look at. For its second collection, Lonely Hearts hired NZ native Ella Sarjant, better known as Stella McCartney’s former lingerie designer, which points to an exciting future for this iconoclastic brand.

Check out the images below for some pieces from the new Lonely Hearts lingerie line Lonely II. (By the way, I don’t know if the leggings are part of the LH collection or just a prop – either way, they’re my favorite piece!)

Lonely Hearts - Lace bra and brief
Lonely Hearts - Sheer bra and brief with lace trim
Lonely Hearts - Sheer bra and brief with lace trim
Lonely Hearts - black sheer bra and brief
Lonely Hearts - white lace plunge bra
Lonely Hearts - black sheer bodysuit
Lonely Hearts - White bodysuit with lace bra
Lonely Hearts black bra and brief

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