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Kourtney Bikini
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What do Hollywood starlets do when they’re not strolling the beaches, hoping to get noticed? Come up with ways for getting paid to do the same thing!

Beach Bunny Swimwear, a high-end boutique brand favored by Tinseltown celebutantes, has unveiled a new mini-collection of swimsuits designed by the ubiquitous Kardashian girls.

Each of the three sisters – Khloe, Kourtney and Kim (why do I want to add “Kiefer”?) – designed two pieces that are meant to reflect the girls’ individual personalities and body types. The Kardashian line is part of the forthcoming Beach Bunny summer collection and will be available at BB boutiques or online.

Check out the photos above to see which of the K-girls you think has the most promise as a designer (hover over the photos to get information).

My vote goes to Kim’s snake bikini, although Khloe’s black one-piece with the gunmetal binding is probably going to attract the most attention. And leave some wicked tan lines, too!

A larger collection from the Kardashians – five pieces from each sister – will be unveiled by Beach Bunny in November, when the rest of us are unpacking our thermal underwear.

As always, proceeds from the Kardashian collection for Beach Bunny will go towards helping the girls pay for outfits from other labels.

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