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Hanky Panky’s Bold Thong Makeover
Posted by richard | May 13, 2010
Hanky Panky thong_front
Hanky Panky thong_back

Some things aren’t meant to be screwed around with – the original Coke recipe, Tiger’s swing, that creepy light source on Lost.

The same could be said of Hanky Panky’s signature lace thong, known to devotees as the “4911” and promoted as “the world’s most comfortable thong®”. That’s right – they even trademarked the term.

Since its introduction in the mid-1980s, the soft, lacy 4911 has earned a passionate following among celebrities, business women and ordinary gals alike. It also became the centerpiece of a Hanky Panky collection of lingerie pieces featuring the same fabric and color combinations.

Despite all of the above, Hanky Panky decided to spice things up a bit and recently unveiled – ready for this? – a sexier version of the 4911. (Given that Rihanna is already one of its devotees, one wonder what more needed to be done?)

A risqué version of the 4911 is part of a limited edition line known as the After Midnight collection, which Hanky Panky is distributing exclusively through the online lingerie retailer Bare Necessities.

The new thong is made from the same silky stretch lace, but features an open panel in front – in other words, a crotchless panty. Also available in the After Midnight series are three peek-a-boo bras featuring small cup openings with ribbon ties. The thong sells for $16 while the matching soft-cup bralette in the photo above sells for $48.

It’s a safe bet that the After Midnight thong won’t benefit from the all-day wearability of the original 4911; these pieces are meant to come off, and quickly!

It’s also part of a move by Hanky Panky to literally live up to its name by testing out the erotic undergarments market.

“We wanted to see what would happen if we pushed the envelope a little further,” said Lida Orzeck, co-founder of Hanky Panky.

No word yet on whether HP intends to make the After Midnight crotchless thong or similar pieces part of its basic catalogue.

For the time being, you can check out the entire After Midnight collection from Hanky Panky here.

But act fast — this limited edition will only be available until May 25.

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