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Lady Gaga Shakes Up Idol Telecast
Posted by richard | May 7, 2010
Lady Gaga

Nice to see Lady Gaga continuing to push the boundaries – of music, fashion, celebrity, and whatever else needs shaking up.

The divine Lady G stole the show during the American Idol telecast on Wednesday night with a frantic romp through “Bad Romance” and her new single, “Alejandro”. At the same time, she pushed the whole lingerie-outerwear trend to new highs with a PDI (public display of immodesty) rarely seen on network TV.

After casting off a an umbrella-sized crepe veil during the acoustic piano opening, Gaga prowled the smoky set in black fishnet embroidered bodysuit, barely concealing a lace thong and bandeau bra. Meanwhile, an all-male dance team tried to keep up, dressed in little more than some odd-looking high-waisted compression shorts.

Gaga’s prime-time immodesty may not be to everyone’s taste though, and reports surfaced today that American Idol cut several sections of the pre-taped performance – possibly to minimize closeups of the scantily clad singer.

No matter. If you want to see the performance in its entirety, Lady G is selling the full video for $1.49 a download on iTunes. Or you can see it for free here.

No word on whether there’s been a run on fishnet body stockings today, but I wouldn’t bet against it. Lady Gaga has done more to jazz up the lingerie market than anyone since Madonna.

Speaking of whom, we couldn’t resist adding the photo of Lady Gaga below, from Time magazine’s recent list of the world’s most influential people. Gaga’s shoot was, of course, an ironic send-up of Madonna’s iconic bullet bras from the 80s. Anything you can do I can do better, indeed!

Lady Gage - Time Magazine
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