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Topless Bikini from Victoria's Secret

Here’s something you won’t see at your next neighborhood pool party. Unless you live in South Beach, that is.

Victoria’s Secret has more than 200 styles available in this year’s swimwear collection – and a truly fabulous collection it is! – but none is likely to attract as much attention as the topless bikini from the Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy line.

This minimalist masterpiece owes a lot to the kinds of couture swimwear designs common in Italy and France, where such bare-all bravado is so de rigeur most beachgoers would barely notice you in such an outfit.

At $68, the VS topless bikini is made from a nylon/lycra blend and ties at the neck. The bottom (what there is of it) is fully lined, but otherwise this sleek suit gives you about as much back exposure as you can want without going altogether buff. Bring the sunscreen!

And while VS says the topless bikini allows you to “go as bare as you dare”, they also provide a chicken-out option for us mere mortals: a removable bandeau top (see below) which, truthfully, you probably won’t be removing very often in public.

Nevertheless, if you’re the sort of person who coverts an all-over tan but you’ve still got a hint of modesty, the topless bikini may be the perfect choice for those lazy afternoons by the pool. Or perhaps your next trip to St. Tropez or St. Barts?

And the time couldn’t be better for taking the plunge, so to speak. Victoria’s Secret is promoting a killer sale of 25-40% off most of its bikini collection. Have a look – but remember to act fast before the sale ends!

Topless Bikini from Victoria's Secret

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