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The Backtacular: No Cracks, Please!
Posted by melanie | April 20, 2010
The Backtacular by Kimberlily

This is wacky, tacky and so very true! We all know that low-rise jeans often expose the dreaded ‘bum cleavage’ when seated, but one company seems to have a fashionable solution for low-rise lovers.

Instead of concealing unsightly fashion faux pas why not draw attention to them, right? Well, apparently a company called Kimberlily has done just that with products like the Straptacular, rhinestone-encrusted bra straps that are meant to be seen, and the Backtacular gluteal cleft patch – the what?!

The Backtacular (doesn’t it sound like the name of a superhero?!) is a piece of material bedazzled with a rhinestone motif and is meant to adhere to the skin and cover unsightly ‘bum cleavage’.

Yes, because as mortifying as it is to reveal a little crack, I want to appear more demure by placing a patch of material with a rhinestone-encrusted butterfly to ‘conceal’ it.

Ladies, I suggest we either purchase higher-waisted denim or, if you live in your low-risers but hate the unsightly view they create, why not opt for Miss OopsJaks, a lace band that you wear over your jeans and under you shirt to appear like a camisole. Even simpler, you could wear a longer shirt and be free to sit and bend down with confidence.

I assume you know where I stand on the Backtacular, but what do you think? Would you purchase the Backtacular gluteal cleft patch, yay or nay?

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