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Find The Perfect Travel Bra
Posted by amy | April 12, 2010
CoolMax Travel Bra
CoolMax Travel Bra

Designer lingerie is a wonderful thing – unless you’re packing for a holiday or business trip. Unfortunately, your finest underthings probably won’t travel well and, besides, they’re not the best choice when schlepping through a theme park or paddling the Amazon.

Some labels are now promoting travel bras, which are basically a modified kind of sports bra or easy-care cotton bra with a bit more styling.
We’ve reviewed what’s available and can offer a few tips for choosing the perfect travel bra, as well as a few choices:

First, leave the expensive European labels at home when you hit the road. They can get lost, stolen (seriously!) or just lose their shape after being crushed in your luggage. Plus, you don’t need the sneers from the customs agents as they root through your things.

A travel bra is all about comfort without headaches. You want something easy to fold or roll up (think cotton), easy to wash (cotton again) and quick-drying (anything BUT cotton). For traveling in warmer climates especially, look for a travel bra made from today’s microfibers or rayon/poly blends that will wick moisture away from the body and dry on the hotel room doorknob overnight.

We like Wacoal’s Smooth Seamless Matte Bra (below left), with its seamless construction and nylon microfiber fabric. It’s wire-free, but Wacoal adds some elastic to the band for added support.

Wacoal Smooth Seamless Matte Bra
Magic Lift by Glamorise

For women with larger figures, try the Magic Lift by Glamorise (above right). It’s made of soft stretch fabric for all-day comfort, yet still offers the extra support of a molded cup bra.

For the best of both worlds, try the CoolMax Travel Bra (see pictures at the start of this post). This is one of the few products made specifically with travelers in mind. It features high-tech wicking fabric and a mesh back to keep you cool, plus it’s got a wide band that offers great support in place of wires.

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  1. yuki says:

    About time! I’ve had bras ruined while traveling more times then I can remember. I’m a hiker and now when I travel I just take something I can roll-up. No wires, clasps etc. Then I toss it as soon as I get home!

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