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Panties That Promise Perfect Fit
Posted by melanie | April 1, 2010
Marks Work Wearhouse

When I hear of Mark’s Work Wearhouse, I instantly think of steel-toe boots and coveralls. Not really the type of place I would frequent to purchase clothing, never mind lingerie.

But recently, Mark’s has been focusing on their female demographic: women who, like me, account for over 80 per cent of all purchasing decisions.  With those kind of numbers, Mark’s has tapped into the lingerie market and has designed the ‘Perfect Fit Panty’ to attract female customers.

Okay, I know you’re probably thinking, “I haven’t worn full-coverage briefs since thongs became a necessity with all the low-slung, muffin-top-inducing styles offered to us today… Besides, no one wants a case of VPL!” But, let me attest (even though I know some of you will never convert), that thongs sometimes feel like a permanent wedgie. I will be the first to admit that I enjoy a full-coverage brief – they’re comfortable and can be cute. I swear.

Marks Work Wearhouse - Perfect Fit Panty in hip-hugger style

It makes sense, then, that Mark’s has created the ‘Perfect Fit Panty’, considering that underwear draws women into fashion stores more than apparel. An area of frustration for most women, Mark’s has aimed to provide a product that is both comfortable and seamless, eliminating all visible lines. The chain markets the underwear with the tagline, “Comfortable is sexy”.

The underwear will be sold in various colors and prints, and will be offered in lace and nylon stretch options. They also come in three different styles: high-cut, hip-hugger and full brief.  At $10 for a pack of two panties, they definitely don’t break the bank, but what they do do is solve a problem and make a difference.

I would definitely suggest that next time you find yourself in Mark’s Work Wearhouse, why not venture into the women’s underwear department? I think the new ‘Perfect Fit Panty’ is definitely worth giving a shot. I think even I will be checking them out!

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