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Pain De Sucre: French Swimwear With Tropical Flair
Posted by melanie | March 31, 2010
Pain de Sucre - Krista bikini

Looking at Pain de Sucre‘s Spring/Summer 2010 collection, one conjures up ideas of effortless style and sex appeal synonymous with French designers and brands.

When it comes to the French, they embody that je ne sais quoi when it comes to dressing.  It is something that I have carefully dissected and try to imitate, taking 45 minutes to achieve that disheveled/pulled-together look that the French probably achieve in five.

Ah, c’est la vie… However, I digress.

Alas, this is how I discovered Pain de Sucre, by entering ‘simple swimwear and French’ into Google. (I know, my obsession in achieving French style even corresponds to swimwear). The result is a brand that was created in Marseilles by Christian Keusseyan and Bernard Evans. These designers sought to create the Pain de Sucre brand with rich colors and patterns that evoke the beauty of tropical islands – and that of a timeless woman. The Spring/Summer 2010 collection embodies the spirit of travel, and is designed with a daring personality and femininity in mind.

Many of the swimwear designs place emphasis on a woman’s bust, including push-up bikinis, ruching on the bust and adjustable cups, pretty triangles or bandeaux with removable straps.

Keusseyan and Evans have “redefined the bust to make every woman feel like a pin-up”. To correspond to such pieces, Pain de Sucre also offers beachwear such as sarongs, shorts, dresses and light, airy blouses that complement their swimwear styles.

A couple favorites of mine include Mishi, a halter-style bikini top with a high-waisted brief, and Noeura, a one-piece bandeau-style with a satin finish and cut-out, with knot detailing along the back. Both are very St. Tropez. They exude glamor and mega-watt sex appeal, yet are simultaneously tasteful and chic.

Sigh, I won’t actually be going to St. Tropez anytime soon, but at least Pain de Sucre’s swimwear will allow me to add some style to the cottage this summer. They do say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, n’est-ce pas?

Pain de Sucre - Mishi bikini
Pain de Sucre - Noeura

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  1. AshleyinPhilly says:

    oooo these are the sweetest ever! Does anyone know where you can get PDS in the Philadelphia area? I saw them in Bloomies last time I was in NYC but can’t find them here. HElp?

  2. MzCharlotte says:

    LOL hate to be rude but wtf is that monkey doin?

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