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Bravissimo Customers Featured In 2010 Campaign
Posted by melanie | March 26, 2010
Bravissimo models Leela Tikador and Katie Hardy
Bravissimo models Jess Edwards and Patricia Arteaga

Bravissimo, a UK brand specializing in lingerie and swimwear in D-KK cup sizes, has decided to forgo fashion models for their Spring/Summer 2010 advertising campaign, and instead hire real-life customers. The decision has been warmly embraced considering many fashion models do not represent the Bravissimo clientele; tell me, when have you seen a curvy, Twiggy-esque waif?

Sarah Tremellen launched Bravissimo in 1995 after wanting to provide ‘big boobed’ women with a wider array of pretty styles, rather than the ‘landing parachutes’ she was previously accustomed to. (Seriously, I need to meet this sassy woman.) Tremellen wanted to create a lingerie line that encompassed a vast selection of products, and which didn’t sacrifice style for support.

The philosophy behind Bravissimo is that large-breasted women should celebrate their curves and feel good about themselves.

For the 2010 Spring/Summer campaign, Bravissimo asked customers to send in their entries, with the potential of being featured in the new glossy ads. After 600 applications Bravissimo chose five lucky ladies: Jess Edwards, Leela Tikador, Katie Hardy, Riann Quinn and Patricia Arteaga.

The amateur models range in age from 21-34 and include a student, a web producer, marketing administrator and a senior business analyst. They were featured in a vintage pinup-themed photo shoot that really showed off the pieces to perfection. The result is that the Spring/ Summer campaign represents beautiful, yet real bodies–something that women don’t have to ‘attain’.

“The Bravissimo campaign promotes a healthy body image by showing that real women can look fantastic too,” spokesman Anna Prince told the Daily Mail. I could not agree more; after seeing the photos, I think these girls may have found themselves a new career!

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