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Why Not Try Tie-Dye Underwear?
Posted by nicole | March 23, 2010

You don’t just get underwear from lingerie brands. In fact, sometimes you find some really fun undies by looking at folks who are doing specialty clothing lines.

Such is the case with Tied Up & Dyed.

Tied Up & Dyed is a small company out of Gabriola Island, on the Canadian west coast. The founder, Scott Shane, loves tie-dyed items and wears his own stuff everyday. You’ll find him in a tie-dye shirt and tie-dye socks, while his home decor is littered with tie-dyed items in almost every room.

Which brings us to a unique offering: tie-dye underwear! These are quality cotton and spandex “hot shorts” (we’d call them Cheekies) done in various psychedelic tie-dye patterns. All underwear is pre-shrunk. You’ll find undies in 4 sizes: Small (0-2); Medium (4-6); Large (8-10); and, XL (12-14).

Tie-Dyed Underwear

I love the pattern and colors on these cheekies! This is definitely underwear with attitude. The tie-dye pattern radiates out from a conch-shell inspired shape on the left hip. The style should be flattering for most figure types, as well as amenable to most modern clothing styles.

A pair of underwear will set you back $10. And you’ll certainly get the attention of anyone who shares a bedroom with you!

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2 Responses to “Why Not Try Tie-Dye Underwear?”

  1. Caitlin Bender says:

    I checked out the Tied Up & Dyed website because I really love the tie dyed underwear that is shown above but I was unable to find them on the site. The details above state that “the tie-dye pattern radiates out from a conch-shell inspired shape on the left hip.” I was just wondering if these were by chance still available? Or if you knew which underwear I was referring to if maybe I could custom order them? Please let me know asap because I live in the U.S. & would need them by June. Thank you!

    • admin says:

      Tied Up & Dyed is still operating, although their style range may have changed since this article was written. Contact them directly to see if they can still produce one of their earlier styles for you.

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