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Contemporary Lingerie Design
Posted by melanie | March 20, 2010

Ever wonder what goes into designing lingerie? What inspires the designers and how do they continually conceive of new and exciting ideas?

Well, for all you lingerie junkies (or as someone who appreciates design and a meticulous attention to detail), journalist and fashion consultant Katie Dominy has written Contemporary Lingerie Design. Published by Laurence King this February, the book  features the work of 30 lingerie designers from around the world.

Contemporary Lingerie Design

In interviewing the designers, author Dominy provides compelling insight into their working methods. “The design of lingerie is often seen as a mystery, even by professionals working in other sectors of the fashion industry. This book explains the processes at work and the many unexpected influences that shape the color, silhouettes, and decoration of each piece,” she says.

Dominy discovers what it is about 1930s Berlin, childhood ballet lessons or French cinema that has inspired the designers’ work. Both she and the designers discuss styling, favorite designs, and the global market of lingerie.

The book also discusses the rise of designer fashion that erupted during he 1990s, and which prompted many young designers to choose lingerie as their outlet — being aware of the fashion world, but striving to .define or envision their own ‘lingerie world’. In addition, the decade saw designer lingerie popping up not only in Europe and the U.S., but in Japan, Australia and South America.

Not only does Contemporary Lingerie Design feature beautiful photographs, sketches and mood boards, but it will surely make a beautiful addition to your coffee table.

Contemporary Lingerie Design is available at

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