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The Unbelievabra From Shapeez
Posted by nicole | March 16, 2010
Unbelievabra by Shapeez

Can a bra be patented? I would have been skeptical that there could actually be a new bra “technology” – but then Shapeez shapewear got a patent for the Unbelievabra.

The Unbelievabra is an all-in-one shaping garment that replaces your bra, torso shapewear and camisole. For the consumer, this means no back fat or bulges with great breast lift and shaping. (Say goodbye to VBL.) In fact, the Unbelievabra includes an underwire bra built in without any back band or closures.

The unique sizing for the Unbelievabra might have you guessing at first – but it’s very simple if you follow the instructions on the Shapeez site. The garments are sized by a combination of body size and cup size. So, even if you know your bra size, you’ll have to measure anyway because you won’t just need your body size in inches but also your cup size in inches!

It’s a very interesting sizing system, but it appears to guarantee an excellent fit.

Staci Berner, the creator of the Unbelievabra, came up with the innovative design in her home sewing studio. (Leave it to a working mother to come up with something that shapes, supports, slims and smooths!)

Check out the improvements in silhouette that these women got by wearing the Unbelievabra in our pictures below. Unbelievable!

The Unbelievabra by Shapeez smooths contours and eliminates bulge
The Unbelievabra by Shapeez smooths contours and eliminates bulges
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