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Miss Oops To The Rescue!
Posted by melanie | March 16, 2010

As women, we are fortunate to be presented with a vast array of fashion choices; we get to experiment with different styles and create a look as individual and unique as we are.

That being said, the ever-fickle world of fashion has become increasingly more daring over the years. Hemlines are rising higher than ever, and necklines plunging so low, that the term “wardrobe malfunction” might accurately describe many starlets’ ‘Golden Globes’ making their own unscheduled debut.

In the current fashion world where styles are high-cut, low-cut, backless, sheer, or (gasp) a combination of all these, what’s a girl gotta do to retain some modesty?

Well, fear not ladies, for the brand Miss Oops allows you to still look chic and keep your dignity! The Miss Oops mission is to provide women with affordable problem-solving products that make life easier while avoiding those embarrassing and unsightly fashion faux pas.

Chicken Cutlets by Miss OopsBoobTube by Miss OopsShow Stoppers by Miss OopsMishap Tape by Miss Oops

All of the Miss Oops product line features cute, witty names like “Show Stoppers”, “Boob Tube” and “Chicken Cutlets”. The brand aims to create products that solve fashion problems associated with the latest trends.

One example is the “Show Stoppers” product. These are are re-usable silicone nipple covers that prevent a Janet Jackson-style mishap.

Another example is the “Boob Tube”, a stretchy lace bandeau that can be worn under deep V-necks for extra coverage.

Miss Oops “Chicken Cutlets” are silicone bra inserts that create a little oomph without going under the knife, while “Mishap Tape” can be used to tack-down bra straps, or keep plunging necklines from falling open.

Whatever one’s fashion dilemma, Miss Oops provides women with time-saving, savvy products that are both affordable and practical. So, the next time you’re in the fitting room trying on that backless, plunging neckline, mini-dress, you can breathe a sigh of relief because you can rest assured that Miss Oops will keep you looking stylish but appropriately covered.

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