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Most boutique lingerie labels don’t change their signature styles much from one season to the next, so the notion of releasing a greatest hits collection doesn’t make much sense.

But that’s not the case for Yes Master, the esoteric UK label that just released …

Yes Master’s Howling New Success
Posted by richard | October 5, 2012

Yes Master is going to have to stop referring to itself as a cult label.

First, cult is very much a four-letter word these days (just ask Tom Cruise). And second, the artsy, idiosyncratic British boutique label is showing up in too many closets now …

Worth Repeating: ‘A Day We Can Frankly Do Without’
Posted by LT Staff | February 14, 2012

Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone. It makes lots of people feel lonely, inadequate, unloved and forgotten.

Many others feel uncomfortable about the endless commercialization of love itself, or about the notion of designating just a single day each year for romantic expression.

Those are difficult …

Yes Master’s Bewitching Fall Collection
Posted by richard | April 18, 2011

The always-interesting Yes Master is giving us an early look at their bewitching Fall 2011 collection called Glamery, which we talked about last month.

In addition to a handful of lookbook images below, the UK luxury label has also just come out with one …

The most original photo campaign of the new season belongs to Yes Master, the edgy UK lingerie label with a fondness for big concepts and dramatic statement lingerie.

We haven’t seen the lookbook for Yes Master’s fall-winter collection yet, but that’s no reason not …

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