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Auf Wiedersehen, Wundervoll
Posted by Matthias Jaschke | September 5, 2012

Anyone with an appreciation for artistically ambitious lingerie was likely saddened this summer to learn about the closing of Wundervoll.

The German label, which modestly described itself as “luxury underwear”, was a genuinely fashion-forward brand that was adored by critics, stylists, photographers and, of …

Matthias Jaschke, founder of the aptly-named German label Wundervoll, is one of those designers we like to keep an eye on because you never know where he’s going next … or who’s going to follow him.

Matthias is never satisfied to copy trends …

There’s been so much attention paid in recent years to vintage styling and retro looks in lingerie that it’s easy to forget that not all designers look to the past for their inspiration. Some labels, in fact, choose to go where no (wo)man has gone …

Wundervoll Sunset Mission

Does anybody else feel like February is the worst month of winter? Sure, spring is almost upon us (if you’re the type to look at a glass half-full), but February’s endless gray days really don’t contribute to boosting morale, do they? And just to prove …

Transceiver Top | Wundervoll Lingerie

Each season fashion trends come and go (don’t get me wrong, I always love seeing what’s new), but it’s the classics, the basics, the go-to items in your closet that set the foundation for your wardrobe.

So, among the bevy of new fall/winter lingerie collections