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VPL Isn’t Throwing In The Towel
Posted by richard | August 18, 2015

VPL brings its “fashion active” ethos to a younger demo with a very stylish capsule collection for Urban Outfitters that will help both brands increase their profile in the booming ‘athleisure’ market.

VPL (“visible panty line”) is the trendsetting New York label that created those …

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If someone calls you “fundipendulous,” it likely means you’re working up a sweat somewhere, having a ball and looking f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s. And probably wearing VPL.

It’s also something we’ve been seeking for a long time: a single word to describe the New York brand …

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VPL Celebrates Its Inner Ballerina
Posted by richard | June 10, 2014

The artistic collaboration between New York brand VPL and photographer Dane Shitagi feels like it was meant to be.

VPL is the renowned pioneer behind the underwear-as-outerwear movement, and recently reinvented itself as a high-fashion activewear label. Its name stands for “visible panty line”.…

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Photo: The Last Magazine

VPL, the sporty lingerie and womenswear label, prefers to establish trends rather than follow them.

Once the leader of the urban underwear-as-outerwear movement, the New York label has undergone a dramatic reboot and today finds itself out in front of …

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VPL’s Clutch Performance
Posted by richard | February 20, 2013

There’s a whole lot of change happening at VPL, which is surprising given that the New York brand has such a distinctive signature it could coast on its catalogue styles for years to come.

Instead, designer Victoria Bartlett continues to explore new frontiers like …

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