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The long-awaited opening of Victoria’s Secret‘s London flagship store yesterday had plenty of ‘wow factor’: a glittering glass staircase, pink chandeliers, costumes from the VS Fashion Show, even the debut of a new fragrance, called ‘London’, developed especially for the occasion.

The only things …

Anticipation over the opening of Victoria’s Secret‘s new London flagship store — its first full-product store outside of North America* — has been building for months. So it was a major buzz-kill when the company suddenly announced in July that its long-planned, pre-Olympics launch …

Is This What “Sexy” Really Looks Like?
Posted by richard | May 14, 2012

If you’re young, blonde and white, consider yourself lucky: you’ve won the trifecta of sexiness. If you’re none of those things, give up already.

At least that seems to be the message in Victoria’s Secret‘s annual “What Is Sexy?” list, which features a bevy …

Victoria’s Secret Hits Bottom
Posted by richard | April 11, 2012

Victoria’s Secret is all about one thing: giving you the goods to show off your assets to optimal effect. And when we say assets we mean, of course, asses.

Wait a minute. What the hell? VS is boosting butts now?

Yes, after exhausting every …

The most talked-about new lingerie collection of 2012 didn’t come from a precocious design school grad or a wannabe Gaga stylist, though there’s plenty of both around these days.

It’s the new Victoria’s Secret Designer Collection, which caught consumers and the industry itself by …

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