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Victoria’s Secret Hits Bottom
Posted by richard | April 11, 2012

Victoria’s Secret is all about one thing: giving you the goods to show off your assets to optimal effect. And when we say assets we mean, of course, asses.

Wait a minute. What the hell? VS is boosting butts now?

Yes, after exhausting every possible way to amplify frontal cleavage, the lingerie retailer has turned its attention to your bottom line.

You can see …

The most talked-about new lingerie collection of 2012 didn’t come from a precocious design school grad or a wannabe Gaga stylist, though there’s plenty of both around these days.

It’s the new Victoria’s Secret Designer Collection, which caught consumers and the industry itself by surprise with its sudden appearance in late January — when the powerhouse retailer is usually busy boggling our minds with …

Victoria’s Secret has produced dozens of video promos this year but none is as charming as this one, which shows their Angels making a mess out of ‘Jingle Bells‘.

Erin croaks, Doutzen forgets the words, Candice is tuneless, and rocker wife Lily can give up any ambitions she might have about singing backup for the Kings of Leon.

But no one can …

Tonight’s 16th annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will be such a blinding blur of light, sound and skin it will be over before your brain has time to click into gear and make sense of it all. Which is partly the point of it all: just sit back, let the blizzard engulf you, then reach for your credit card.

But there’s a lot going on …

Watch Angels Lip-Synch Like Jagger
Posted by richard | November 28, 2011

Mick Jagger would likely be appalled if anyone out there really thinks he moves like this.

If nothing else, this lip-synch cover of the Maroon 5 hit — timed to promote tomorrow’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show — proves only that the Angels were never meant to dance.

But who’s complaining? This latest VS promo recalls the joyful spirit of last year’s terrific Angels mock-cover …

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