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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ultimo
Posted by Lingerie Talk | March 23, 2015

Michelle Mone‘s autobiography, My Fight To The Top, offers a gossipy retelling of many of the Ultimo co-founder’s most well-publicized battles — a fact that caused some UK reviewers to complain that the book covers well-trod ground. (more…)

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The Bra Queen’s Long, Lonely ‘Fight’
Posted by richard | March 23, 2015

A few years ago when the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton was announced, Michelle Mone jumped at the chance to capitalize on the once-in-a-lifetime marketing opportunity. (more…)

Tartan Lingerie Set From Ultimo
Posted by amy | December 6, 2010
Tartan Lingerie by Ultimo

If you didn’t celebrate St. Andrew’s Day last week, then you probably don’t know your haggis from hash browns. And you probably won’t care a dram about what’s being billed as the world’s first tartan lingerie set.

Ultimo Lingerie launched its limited edition Tartan set to mark Scotland’s national day on Nov. 30, and as a way for Ultimo CEO Michelle Mone to celebrate her own Scottish heritage.

The combo includes a balcony bra and thong and is made from printed satin with black lace trim and bows. It’s priced at $35 for the bra and $24 for the thong.

“Over the past few years tartan has shed its traditional roots and become synonymous with fashion, thanks to designers like Christopher Kane and Vivienne Westwood — and it‟s perfectly fitting that Ultimo should be the first lingerie brand to have their very own tartan,” said Mone, who last month was awarded an OBE for her contributions to the UK lingerie industry.

The Ultimo Tartan is currently only available through the company website or the UK retailer Debenhams, with sizes from 30-38 A-D.

This is a must-have for all the Scottish lassies out there who still have a hankering for the highland heather — and want to look like Brazilian model Raica Oliveira (above).

Ultimo’s teen label, Miss Ultimo, also offers a completely different tartan pattern called, appropriately, Highland Fling (below). It comes in a balcony bra and matching boyshort with lace trim and pink ribbon bow.

Highland Fling Tartan | Miss Ultimo
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The Icon Bra: Ultimo’s Latest Space-Age Bust Booster
Posted by amy | September 1, 2010
Icon bra by Ultimo

If UK lingerie brand Ultimo has its way, a lot of British plastic surgeons will be looking for work soon.

With fanfare fit for a royal visit — or a space launch — Ultimo today unveiled its latest cleavage-boosting marvel, the Icon bra.

Calling it “the world’s most technologically advanced bra,” Ultimo president Michelle Mone said the Icon creates “an instant boob lift” by shaping, lifting and compressing the breasts.

The Ultimo Icon, which goes on sale today at the UK department store chain Debenhams, follows similar bust-boosting bras launched last month in North America by Victoria’s Secret and La Senza.

But Mone says the Icon, which retails for about $25 USD, is unique.

“Icon is the world’s first boob lift bra and light years ahead of other bras out there,” she said in a press release. “Not only does Icon dramatically uplift the breast, but it’s also the most comfortable and lightweight bra in the world.”

The Icon is the result of two years of testing and cost “a massive six-figure sum” to develop, she added.

Ultimo has made big market gains in Britain over the past few years with other bust-enhancing bras like the popular Mega Boost, which was launched only last fall and claimed to add two cup sizes through the use of built-in silicone gel implants. The Icon builds on that success by combining compressed foam inserts with a built-in microfiber sling that lifts and compresses.

Ultimo is clearly going after women who are concerned not just about their silhouette, but aging as well.

“Icon works to prevent younger breasts from sagging and, for women who already have saggy boobs, it uplifts the breasts in an instant to the perky pair they once were, making the breasts look up to 10 years younger,” Mone said.

“People are obsessed with looking younger and getting rid of wrinkles on their face, but lack of shape and perkiness to the breast area is a dead giveaway to a woman’s age too and can also be given a more youthful look, which is exactly what Icon technology delivers.”

And Mone isn’t modest when it comes to assessing the new bra’s impact:

“I’ve been inventing, designing and manufacturing bras for over a decade now and this is without doubt the most advanced invention ever to hit the bra world.

“Each small stitch on the ICON bra is one giant leap for womankind. The bra was named the Icon because we truly believe it will become an iconic lingerie product.”

For North American customers, Ultimo offers delivery in 3-5 days via FedEx for a standard shipping charge.

Here’s a look at how the Icon works:

Icon bra by Ultimo Lingerie

Ultimo Scores With Claudine Keane
Posted by richard | May 5, 2010

If you live in UK, the following bit on information will surely set hearts aflutter and tonques wagging, among other things. But if, like me, you live on this side of the pond, you might just scratch your head.

Ultimo Lingerie, the UK flagship label of the MJM International fashion empire, announced this week that Claudine Keane has been signed to model the Adore Moi luxury lingerie brand created a few years ago by Ultimo for the Debenhams department store chain.

The Adore Moi collection has a real French boudoir feel – plenty of lace, embroidery and guipere stitching we often associate with bridal lingerie. And a fair bit of oomph in the push-up department, too.

This is huge news in Britain, not because the Ultimo collection is anything revolutionary, but because it give the lads endless opportunity to ogle the assets of Ms Keane, a 27-year-old Irish TV personality and model. More importantly, she’s the wife of one Robbie Keane, a celebrated footballer in a land that idolizes both such creatures – models AND footballers.

Keane’s photos were all over the UK tabloids today, as she assumes her rightful place in a celebrated line of WAGs (football players’ wives and girlfriends) that includes such names as Charlotte Church, Victoria Beckham and most of the other Spice Jars.

Altogether, a great boost for Ultimo, and another eureka moment for Ultimo’s creator and marketing genius Michelle Mone. Just last month Mone and Ultimo simply crushed the headlines by signing Kelly Brook as the brand’s principal face and body – setting off another frenzy of press and poster sales to college lads.

As for those of us across the pond, we’re left with yet another case of Anglo-envy since we don’t subject our athletes’ wives to such leering overexposure. Right, Elin?

By the way, Ultimo’s collections can be found in better fine lingerie shops in the U.S., but call ahead to see if your favorite piece is in stock.