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Trees May Fall, But Beauty Endures
Posted by Lingerie Talk | April 7, 2014

There’s a powerful symbolism in the photo series that accompanies Helena Christensen‘s latest collection for the global lingerie brand Triumph.

The Danish supermodel poses in contemporary and vintage-inspired lingerie in a Scandinavian forest, surrounded by dried-out and fallen trees — a stark visual …

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Meet This Year’s TIA Design Winners!
Posted by richard | July 6, 2011

Your outfit is modeled by Lily Cole and photographed by Ellen von Unwerth. You land a job with a leading international fashion brand, which sells your first piece in boutiques around the world. And you start off with an extra €15,000 in your bank …

Top Students On Display In Triumph Lingerie Design Awards
Posted by richard | August 12, 2010

Ireland looks ready for battle. Canada looks trapped. Norway looks cold. And Sweden looks set to take flight.

But none of them — the 27 finalists in the third Triumph Inspiration Awards — looks like anything you’ve ever seen in your neighborhood lingerie boutique.

That …

Triumph UK Inspiration Awards: These Kids Are Alright!
Posted by richard | June 16, 2010
Triumph Inspiration Awards UK - 3rd Place

Mega-brand Triumph Lingerie is onto a good thing with its international student lingerie design awards.

Known as the TIAs, the Triumph Inspiration Awards are held in numerous countries around the world before a gala finals event brings all the national winners together in London in …