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Family Values: The Lake & Stars Hit Another Hot Button
Posted by richard | November 14, 2011

Most women learned about lingerie from their mothers. It’s one of the countless intimate threads that bind a mother and child together.

So it’s a bit baffling to see the “controversy” generated by these images from the fall campaign by The Lake and Stars, …

The Lake & Stars Create A Must-See, Post-Modern Peep Show
Posted by richard | November 11, 2011

Some people who go looking for The Lake and Stars‘ new retail space in New York’s Soho district will probably keep walking past the non-descript gray building, thinking: “Nah, THAT can’t be it!”

There are no sexy undies in the window, no flashy sign, …

Cool Pop-Up Gig for The Lake and Stars
Posted by richard | May 26, 2011
The Lake & Stars | Spring 2011 Collection

Is The Lake and Stars finally getting a retail space in New York? Well, yes and no.

The much-admired lingerie brand will open a temporary pop-up shop in Tribeca this fall after being chosen to participate in the second “Building Fashion” project organized by the …

A lot of behind-the-scenes photoshoots and videos are a bit pointless, simply because they’re too scripted, too much of a sales job, and they don’t tell us much about the designer or her work.

A welcome exception to this pattern is a new film released …

The Lake & Stars | Spring 2011 Collection

Half the fun of any new collection from The Lake & Stars is trying to make sense of the puzzling, and often witty, campaign imagery that goes along with it.

A few months back, the hip New York label left a few jaws hanging with …

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