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Warm and Sexy Snoa Sleepwear
Posted by nadine | November 18, 2010

For women in a constant state of chill each winter, it seems like we have only two bedtime options: freezing in a negligee or staying warm in unsightly flannels or sweats.

It’s that dilemma that led to the launch this week of Snoa Lingerie, a new sleepwear label from San Francisco whose mission is to make us feel sexy and warm.

Snoa was born when co-founder Anh Oppenheimer, a documentary filmmaker, grew frustrated from going to bed at night in an extra-large sweatshirt and ski socks. Oppenheimer partnered with SF designer/retailer Susan Robinson to create beautiful bedtime solutions for cold winter nights. Their motto? Warm is sexy.

Snoa Lingerie boasts two distinct collections. The Basics collection, with its curve-skimming silhouettes, warms us up with a double-fabric strategy. Silk-modal jersey, an eco-friendly sustainable fiber that’s super-soft against your skin, is the inside layer, while wool jersey keeps you cozy from the outside.

The Greta Nightie is the perfect example of Snoa’s Basics collection, with its lettuced hemline, flattering cut and comfortable silk straps.

The Signature collection channels a little more glamour with items Snoa calls “over-nighties” — eco-conscious bed-jackets and wraps.

The Oona wrap, a two-sided piece of luxury, boasts organic silk fleece on one side and Snoa’s signature silk hemp (in gorgeous ice blue) on the other.

The Brigitta bed jacket will make you feel like a classic movie star, with Vietnamese silk-frog enclosures and tailoring that enhances your hourglass shape. (Yes, you have one, ladies.)

Snoa is one of a number of new boutique sleepwear and lingerie labels that use organic fabrics and are committed to earth-friendly practices. In other words, warm yourself, not the planet!

A few styles are shown below. Check out Snoa’s online store for more pieces.

Oona Wrap
Greta Nightie
Brigitta Bed Jacket
Ingrid Top & Pants
Brittany cotton romper | Dessous NYC

Brittany cotton romper | Dessous NYC

It’s a heat wave up here — a sticky, stinky old-fashioned roaster. You wake up with the sheets clinging to your legs and back. You check the thermometer and it says 84 — and it’s only 7 a.m. And summer has only just begun.

It may be a bit late to start thinking about these things, but I’ve been madly searching for the perfect summer nightwear. Something that lets you feel comfortable in bed or sitting on the deck or curled up on the couch. Sexy would be nice, but at this point I’ll take anything that doesn’t stick to me.

Hallelujah, then, for the incredible Sophie Simmons and her New York boutique lingerie line called Dessous NYC. The Dessous Spring II line of nightwear pieces is, literally and aesthetically, the coolest collection I’ve come across and absolutely ideal for sticky summer nights.

Designer Simmons is a young Parisian whose work is inspired by the delicate-but-comfortable camisoles that her mother and grandmother wore as children. After emigrating to New York, Simmons began crafting a lingerie (or “dessous”) line that echoed her European nostalgia, complete with delicate embroidery that had become so rare.

The Dessous nightwear collection is filled with dreamy pieces, but there are some good reasons why it all works so well. For her sleepwear, Simmons works primarily with a cotton voile blend, a sheer, limp fabric that drapes beautifully and has a loose weave that “breathes” — what a blessing on a hot night! Alternatively, she uses a light, silky viscose on design-heavy pieces like culottes and wide-legged pants.

It’s a generous and well-thought-out collection, too, with a variety of pieces that all complement each other. Culottes, camis, loose nightshirts, leggings, boyshorts and big, broad summer pants — it’s all there. But the jewel of the collection, in my mind, is the sheer Marie bralette and matching Lucie briefs(last photo) — cool, yes, but oh-so-hot!

I’ll let you browse through the photos below to savor the appeal of the Dessous nightwear line. Just imagine looking so good when the weather outside makes you feel like such a wet dishrag!

Dessous NYC is well-known in most fine lingerie shops, especially on the east coast, but you may have to phone around to find someone who stocks them. And, as with many independents, expect some limitations in sizes available.

For more information visit DessousNYC.com.

Parker cotton trapeze top | Dessous NYC
Parker cotton trapeze top | Dessous NYC
Sophia cotton cropped jacket | Dessous NYC
Sophia cotton cropped jacket | Dessous NYC
Ludivine night shirt | Dessous NYC
Emily cotton night shirt | Dessous NYC
Beatrice cotton blouse with raised back | Dessous NYC
Brigitte camisole with t-back | Dessous NYC
Ines racerback camisole | Dessous NYC
Ines racerback camisole | Dessous NYC
Kira striped leggings | Dessous NYC
Kira striped leggings | Dessous NYC
Sarah wide-leg pant | Dessous NYC
Lucie ribbed panty and Marie embroidered bra | Dessous NYC

J Crew Vintage Pajama Set

There’s something I find incredibly sexy about mens’ sleepwear — no, not low-slung sweats with a worn-in tee, but a matching, two-piece set with button-down shirt.

I also find it really sexy when a woman actually wears her beau’s pajamas, but it’s simply impossible for me – mainly because my boyfriend doesn’t own such fine sleepwear, but even if he did I would be consumed by it (he’s 6’2, I’m 5’2).

So, after searching endlessly for the perfect pair … I have found them and am officially obsessed! J. Crew, whom I adore, has designed two menswear-inspired vintage sleepwear sets, fashionably tailored to fit a woman’s body.  One set, in a crisp, light blue cotton, features all the classic details like a chest pocket, contrast piping and shell buttons and retails for $75 .

Or, if you do like the look of the classic style, but feel as though the blue cotton set is almost too masculine, then the luxurious hand-washed silk set (above) is for you! Sold in a light, dusty rose color the pajamas still evoke that Great Gatsby feel, but with a more feminine touch. The silk set retails from $88-$98.

Taking style cues from the boys never looked more stylish; the pajamas are smart and chic.

Visit jcrew.com for a pair of these comfortable yet classic, vintage inspired pajamas.

J. Crew Vintage Pajama Set
Flirty Florals From Liberty of London
Posted by melanie | April 21, 2010
Yellow Romper from Liberty of London
Yellow Romper from Liberty of London

Not sure about you, but I’m in desperate need of some spring sleepwear! It’s getting too warm to keeping wearing my flannel pyjamas with images of  polar bears skiing on them (courtesy of Mom…every Christmas), and I realized that any sleep-shorts  I own are my brother’s boxers – from five years ago! So, I assume you understand my plight and more so, my need for cute, feminine sleepwear.

Thankfully, Liberty of London, the UK company best known for their colorful floral designs, has teamed up with Target to create a collection of sleepwear and lingerie, which includes bras, briefs, chemises, robes, pyjama sets and rompers. The best part? The most expensive item in the collection is $19.99 – I know, amazing.

The items within the sleepwear collection feature pretty details like mixed-floral prints, ruffles and bows; the result is a sweet, innocent and casual combination.  Yes, they’re definitely feminine pieces, but the cotton fabric adds a laid-back quality to them that doesn’t make overly fussy. Besides, the cheery prints and bold colors make for a flirty collection fit for spring!

I am loving the two-piece tap set in the Poppy & Buttercup and Maddsie print (seriously, how can that name not make you smile?), and the ultra-cute, yellow romper in the Dunclare print (top photos).

Not all styles are currently available at target.com, but there will be a re-stock shipment in June. For a varied selection, visit your local Target … but hurry, the collection is only around for a limited time!

From Liberty of London’s new spring collection at Target stores (clockwise from upper left): Poppy & Buttercup & Maddsie bra and thong; Sixty & Enid print bra and thong with garter belt; Racerback top and crop pant set in Duclare print; Poppy & Buttercup & Maddsie print 2-piece tap set.
Poppy & Buttercup & Maddsie Bra and Thong
Bra and thong with garter belt in Sixty and Enid print
2-piece tap set in Poppy & Buttercup and Maddsie print
Racerback top and crop pant set in Duclare print

Bamboo Loungewear: Green Is Sexy
Posted by melanie | April 10, 2010
Bamboo Cleo Pajama Set by Green Earth Bamboo
Bamboo Cleo Maternity Gown by Green Bamboo

Living eco-consciously doesn’t necessarily have to cost more, especially when it comes to loungewear and sleepwear. One great company that provides products made from organic bamboo is Green Earth Bamboo (greenearthbamboo.com). Their philosophy is simple: to provide quality eco-friendly products at affordable prices.

What’s so great about bamboo, you might ask? Well, for starters bamboo grows up to four feet a day! You can imagine the abundance this growth produces, which makes bamboo a very sustainable resource. Bamboo is also naturally antimicrobial, so it doesn’t need any pesticides during its growth process, making it a very eco-friendly resource.

Bamboo’s best attribute, I think, is that it contains a natural agent called bamboo kun, which keeps the bamboo fabric odor-free. What’s more is that bamboo fabric is hypo-allergenic, which makes it gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

The Green Bamboo collection encompasses robes, pyjama sets, nightgowns, yoga pants and various tops, all ranging in price from $31 to $98. At such affordable prices, looking chic and being conscious of the environment can now go hand-in-hand.

In honour of upcoming Earth Day, I challenge us all (myself included) to make a small difference; whether it be planting a tree, remembering to turn the faucet off while brushing your teeth, or drinking from a resuable water bottle.

Hey, and if you do forget to do these things, at least you can order yourself some of the softest, most luxurious bamboo loungewear; not only will you being doing the earth a favour, but you’ll practically want to live in them … saving loads of wasted water!

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