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Brittany cotton romper | Dessous NYC

Brittany cotton romper | Dessous NYC

It’s a heat wave up here — a sticky, stinky old-fashioned roaster. You wake up with the sheets clinging to your legs and back. You check the thermometer and it says 84 — and it’s only 7 a.m. And summer has only just begun.

It may be a bit late to start thinking about these things, but I’ve been madly searching for the perfect …

J Crew Vintage Pajama Set

There’s something I find incredibly sexy about mens’ sleepwear — no, not low-slung sweats with a worn-in tee, but a matching, two-piece set with button-down shirt.

I also find it really sexy when a woman actually wears her beau’s pajamas, but it’s simply impossible for me – mainly because my boyfriend doesn’t own such fine sleepwear, but even if he did I would be consumed …

Flirty Florals From Liberty of London
Posted by melanie | April 21, 2010
Yellow Romper from Liberty of London
Yellow Romper from Liberty of London

Not sure about you, but I’m in desperate need of some spring sleepwear! It’s getting too warm to keeping wearing my flannel pyjamas with images of  polar bears skiing on them (courtesy of Mom…every Christmas), and I realized that any sleep-shorts  I own are my brother’s boxers – from five years ago! So, I assume you understand my plight and more so, my need for …

Bamboo Loungewear: Green Is Sexy
Posted by melanie | April 10, 2010
Bamboo Cleo Pajama Set by Green Earth Bamboo
Bamboo Cleo Maternity Gown by Green Bamboo

Living eco-consciously doesn’t necessarily have to cost more, especially when it comes to loungewear and sleepwear. One great company that provides products made from organic bamboo is Green Earth Bamboo (greenearthbamboo.com). Their philosophy is simple: to provide quality eco-friendly products at affordable prices.

What’s so great about bamboo, you might ask? Well, for starters bamboo grows up to four feet a day! You …

Jolidon’s Extraordinary Teddies
Posted by nicole | March 22, 2010
Black Sheer Teddy by Jolidon

Jolidon is a Romanian lingerie label that is known for its swimwear – but did you know that it makes some extraordinary lingerie? At Lingerie Talk, our favorites in the Jolidon lingerie line are the teddies.

Teddies are not in the fashion spotlight these days – even the name comes off as a bit old-fashioned – but Jolidon might just change that. These one-piece …

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