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Secrets In Lace’s Sexy Salute To Flyboys
Posted by richard | November 30, 2011

Well, I know what my Dad is getting for Christmas this year!

He’s a lifelong pilot who spent years in the Canadian air force. And though he entered the services long after the war, he likes to say he’s flown everything that has wings that don’t flap — and that would include the beauties in this wonderful souvenir calendar from the U.S. retro label Secrets In Lace.

The company partnered with pinup photographer Michael Malak to create this authentic-looking collector’s edition that features models wearing SIL lingerie in front of vintage WWII aircraft. It sells for a mere $19.99 on the SIL webshop, and you can also get limited edition giclée prints of each month and the cover for $100 each.

There’s a rich history to the military pin-up photo — it’s really an artistic genre unto itself — and a semiotic subtext that is probably only understood by servicemen. For men of a certain vintage, the idea of an underclad gal slipping into your bomber jacket, or a bra-wearing Betty climbing into your cockpit, was the ne plus ultra of erotic fantasies.

Secrets In Lace has tapped into this enduring truth, and these images will trigger some deep memories for aviation buffs who had Betty Grable posters in their lockers and named their aircraft after movie stars and girlfriends. Ah, the romance of wartime!

As for my father, who was just a boy during the war, I know he’s going to love this gift. And, like any true flyboy, he’ll glance approvingly at the girls in these images … but spend forever studying the planes through a magnifying glass.

Here’s the full set of Secrets In Lace‘s 2012 “Wings Of Angels” calendar. Get your copy while you can!

Pamela Anderson’s Retro Nylons Set
Posted by richard | July 19, 2011

Celebrity can be a double-edged sword and perhaps no one knows that better than Pamela Anderson, whose dubious fame has both enriched her and made her dependable fodder for the tabloids.

She’s been a Playboy bunny, a Baywatch hottie, a sex tape star. A Wrestlemania groupie, a celebrity vegan, and Borat’s muse. A DWTS near-miss, Hep-C poster girl, and perhaps the world’s most famous boob job. Oh, and the only person to spark a live fistfight at the VMAs.

Perhaps the best thing that can be said about Pammie is that she continually emerges from the calamity of her own life with a new focus and a determination to define herself beyond her sexpot typecasting. The results of those efforts — ie. her work with PETA and AIDS charities — are often as impressive as they are surprising, and probably go a long way toward restoring the karmic balance in her life.

Now, add to that utterly unique resume another new role for Canada’s sexiest export: cheerleader for the return of 50s-era nylon stockings.

Pam has teamed up with faux vintage label Secrets In Lace to create a signature stockings collection made with the same techniques and machinery used during the post-war period when nylons were every girl’s best friend.

Look for French heels, back seams and Pam’s logo on the welt in this glamorous collection of six styles. Colors include a pale pink, beige, black, copper, coffee and a very nice Swiss Dot pattern (shown above). All are made with 15-denier non-stretch nylon and range in price from $29-$39. There’s also an ultra-sheer style in a lighter 10-denier nylon.

For Secrets In Lace, the collab with Pam is a marketing coup that will bring plenty of attention to a brand that has done a lot to keep authentic vintage lingerie fashions in vogue.

And for Pam, the latest chapter in her life story puts her in some pretty good company: SIL also maintains a celebrity collection by burlesque diva Dita Von Teese and an exclusive tribute collection inspired by pinup queen Bettie Page.

Here are some more images from the Pamela Anderson Couture Collection for Secrets In Lace:

What goes together better than chocolate and Valentine’s Day, or lingerie and Valentine’s Day? How about chocolate lingerie for V-Day?

A tip of the ol’ fedora to Secrets in Lace for coming up with this delectable collection of stylish retro lingerie pieces in chocolate brown for the annual lovefest.

Brown (especially dark chocolate brown) is a tricky color to pull off in lingerie, and most fashion labels avoid it. Some exceptions can be found in the collections of Carine Gilson, Valery and the always daring VPL.

Secrets in Lace has chosen to embrace chocolate as an alternative to predictable V-Day red, offering its Dominique collection of 100% silk pieces in a rich satiny bronze hue. You can also find the Elizabeth open-bottom girdle (see below) in the same colorway as well.

You wouldn’t think this would work but, as the images below illustrate, it’s a home run for SIL. The same collection of girdles, bullet bras and other boudoir pieces is available in eggplant, red and silver, but the chocolate range is the one that stands out from everything else on the market.

Secrets in Lace is best known for its Bettie Page and Dita von Teese signature retro collections, and its French heel vintage stockings. But that could change once women (and their mates) get a taste of this chocolate treat.

Retro-Chic Pinup Calendar From Secrets In Lace
Posted by amy | November 15, 2010
Secrets in Lace_2011 Calendar

The 2011 collectors calendar put out by retro-chic label Secrets in Lace looks like it could have been produced 50 years ago — both the imagery and lingerie designs are that authentic. It just goes to show that sexy never goes out of style!

The calendar (available online for $19.95) features images from Secrets In Lace‘s exclusive retro-esque collections named after pinup icons Bettie Page and Dita Von Teese.

You’ll notice immediately that the models aren’t the typical size-zeros you find in most lingerie calendars. Secrets In Lace serves the more zaftig woman who remembers (and appreciates) the time when full figures were the beauty standard of the day.

If you’re looking for genuine French heel stockings, post-war era seamed nylons or classic girdles updated with modern styling, SIL is a good place to start your shopping.

The calendar will also make a great stocking stuffer — no pun intended — for vintage lingerie fans, Mad Men fanatics, or anyone with an old-fashioned sense of style and beauty!

Here are images from the calendar as well as Secrets In Lace‘s winter catalogue.

Secrets In Lace Shows A Little Leg
Posted by nicole | May 4, 2010

Secrets In Lace is a lingerie brand which is all about classic, sexy pieces which focus on a 1950s sensibility, including bullet bras, garter belts and seamed stockings. However, they don’t just have the lingerie: Secrets In Lace has a collection that builds the total look, from inside out.

While this company gives you everything to do your own Jayne Mansfield impression, they truly go over the top when it comes to stockings. Their most current marketing campaign is a series of videos, posted on Facebook, that showcase how their stockings – with a garter belt – can be used to seduce your favorite male.