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Secrets In Lace’s Sexy Salute To Flyboys
Posted by richard | November 30, 2011

Well, I know what my Dad is getting for Christmas this year!

He’s a lifelong pilot who spent years in the Canadian air force. And though he entered the services long after the war, he likes to say he’s flown everything that has wings that …

Pamela Anderson’s Retro Nylons Set
Posted by richard | July 19, 2011

Celebrity can be a double-edged sword and perhaps no one knows that better than Pamela Anderson, whose dubious fame has both enriched her and made her dependable fodder for the tabloids.

She’s been a Playboy bunny, a Baywatch hottie, a sex tape star. A …

What goes together better than chocolate and Valentine’s Day, or lingerie and Valentine’s Day? How about chocolate lingerie for V-Day?

A tip of the ol’ fedora to Secrets in Lace for coming up with this delectable collection of stylish retro lingerie pieces in chocolate brown …

Retro-Chic Pinup Calendar From Secrets In Lace
Posted by amy | November 15, 2010
Secrets in Lace_2011 Calendar

The 2011 collectors calendar put out by retro-chic label Secrets in Lace looks like it could have been produced 50 years ago — both the imagery and lingerie designs are that authentic. It just goes to show that sexy never goes out of style!

The …

Secrets In Lace Shows A Little Leg
Posted by nicole | May 4, 2010

Secrets In Lace is a lingerie brand which is all about classic, sexy pieces which focus on a 1950s sensibility, including bullet bras, garter belts and seamed stockings. However, they don’t just have the lingerie: Secrets In Lace has a collection that builds the total …