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Change is in the wind for Oregon’s R.A.W. Textiles, and that’s good news for anyone who has coveted the indie label’s mesmerizing eco-garments.

Founder Rio Wrenn has spent the past 13 years creating one-of-a-kind prints by working with nature — using plant dyes, discarded …

Rio Wrenn’s Tie-Dye Revival
Posted by richard | March 20, 2013

Tie-dye is the ugly stepsister of the fashion family: underappreciated, ignored and forced to sit at the children’s table. No one takes tie-dye seriously.

A little over a year ago, a survey named this hallmark of hippie style the worst fashion trend of the past

Most artists are familiar with the timeless struggle between creativity and commerce. It’s one thing to express your inner visions on canvas, quite another to make a living doing so.

Rio Wrenn knows that dilemma well. The Portland, Ore.-based textile artist has been staging exhibitions …

Unique Lingerie Art from R.A.W. Textiles
Posted by richard | May 16, 2011

Good news today for lovers of truly unique, one-of-a-kind underthings — or anybody who goes out of their way to support authentic eco-conscious fashion labels.

R.A.W. Textiles, the lingerie label started a few years ago by Portland, Ore., textile artist Rio Wrenn, has …