‘Tokyo Gothic’ 3D Lingerie Art Cards
Posted by Lingerie Talk | June 12, 2015

Like many lingerie designers, Vera Akotuah is constantly looking for ways to grow her brand. Every year there are new styles, new materials, new trends and new models to display them.

Except Vera isn’t a lingerie designer. She’s the creator of a unique catalogue of …


If L.A.-based newcomer Latrodectus were a European lingerie label, its prices might not attract much attention. Artisanal and couture labels that spin their magic threads in famed ateliers have made four- and even five-figure lingerie fashions familiar in Europe, if not quite commonplace.

In budget-conscious …


A month ahead of the launch of her first collection, designer Kaila Methven knows exactly how she wants to fit into the fashion universe.

“I want to be the Cartier of lingerie,” she says. “Or the Hermès.”

Methven is the founder of Latrodectus, an …


When she was a child growing up in Los Angeles, Jenette Coduto‘s favorite Saturday morning activity was to visit fabric shops and spend her meagre allowance on cloth that she would sew into dresses for her and her sisters.

Flash forward to 2015 and …

The Most Famous Corset In The World
Posted by Lingerie Talk | June 4, 2015

It was the biggest celebrity placement since Gaultier put Madonna in a cage. And it’s doing big business for the L.A. shop that outfitted the rebranded and reborn Caitlyn Jenner for her historic Vanity Fair photoshoot this week.

But the owners of Trashy Lingerie aren’t …

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