Of all the days to take down the mainstream lingerie industry, Neon Moon, the fearlessly disruptive British indie label, picks today.

The one day when the world is expected to park its social and political conscience, stifle its feminist sensibilities, and gape in …

Dita’s Glamorous Hotel Tour
Posted by richard | November 1, 2015

The saturated pop-art colors and kitschy decor of California’s Madonna Inn provide a deliciously compatible setting for burlesque icon Dita Von Teese in this new photo collaboration with the online designer platform WhoYouAre.

It’s also a great way for the busy fashion icon to …


How does a small underwear brand celebrate after raising $1.1-million — nearly 40 times its goal — on Kickstarter for its latest product launch?

For Knix Wear, the innovative Canadian indie label that smashed the crowdfunding record for fashion products, the next item of …


The phenomenon of bra-burning protests in the 1960s was long ago discredited as one of those convenient-but-false media myths that probably did more damage to the women’s rights movement than otherwise.

It never really happened, at least not the way they said it did, but …

Why These Period Ads Got Red-Flagged
Posted by Lingerie Talk | October 23, 2015

Almost getting banned was probably the best imaginable outcome for the provocative new ad campaign from a New York underwear label that wants to get people talking about women’s periods.

Thinx, a proudly feminist cause-based brand, received infinitely more exposure than it could have …

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