La Vie En Rose Rocks Montreal
Posted by Lingerie Talk | August 25, 2014

©Allen McEachern

Canadian lingerie retailer La Vie En Rose had pride of place at this weekend’s Montreal Fashion and Design Festival, closing out the four-day event with a splashy outdoor runway show at Casino Montreal.

La Vie En Rose, which is also based in Montreal, is Canada’s largest independent lingerie chain, with 165 stores across the country and about 65 licensed boutiques …

Jena Malone on Finding ‘Perfect Beauty’
Posted by Lingerie Talk | August 25, 2014

Alt girl Jena Malone raised eyebrows at the beginning of the summer when she appeared nearly naked in a video for the song “Dead Rabbit Hopes” from her band, The Shoe. The only thing that kept the Hunger Games actress on the good side of YouTube’s censors were a few small, carefully placed flowers.

Which is a good thing, since it’s a lovely, intimate …


First you laugh. Then you rub your eyes and do a double-take. Then you start thinking.

That’s the intention of, and the nearly universal reaction to, the TaTa Top, which has been turning heads across North America all summer.

The flesh-toned, nipple-printed bikini tops (available in three skin shades) have been showing up on beaches and city streets, offering a comical commentary on censorship …

Filiz Rezvan Follows Her Passion
Posted by richard | August 21, 2014

How many people have a mid-career wake-up moment? You know, the sudden realization that you’re spinning your wheels, life is short, and you’d better change direction and follow your passion before it’s too late?

Filiz Rezvan had one of those epiphanies in 2011, when an inner voice told her to get back to her roots — which in her case meant drawing, fashion design and …


Eiizabeth Short was only 22 when she was found in a Los Angeles parking lot in 1947, bludgeoned and slashed to death with her torso sliced in half.

It was one of the most sensational crimes of the century in America, and a creative newsman gave Elizabeth a catchy name that helped sell a lot of papers. She became The Black Dahlia, a household …

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