La Fille d’O Redraws the Map of Love
Posted by richard | August 11, 2014

The iconoclastic Belgian label La Fille d’O likes to explore uncharted territory and its new collection uses a brilliant metaphor to do so — an ancient ‘map of love’.

The ultra-modern collection is named for a 17th French map called the Carte du Pays de Tendre, which offered a unique path toward romantic fulfillment.

The authors of the allegorical map, which was a subject …

Shark Week Wardrobe Options
Posted by Lingerie Talk | August 10, 2014

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water … everyone’s showing up in shark-themed swimsuits and you just HAVE to find one.

Here are a few options to help you celebrate Shark Week like you mean it!…


Why does animal print fashion have such a primal effect on the erotic imagination?

You don’t have to be Desmond Morris to understand the associations between hunting and sexual conquest; in fact, many women will tell you that the male of the species hasn’t evolved much since his caveman days, at least when it comes to romantic pursuits.

But it goes deeper than that. At …

Moschino Finds A New Use For Négligées
Posted by Lingerie Talk | August 6, 2014

The problem with this whole lingerie-as-outerwear trend is that, well, a girl can get chilly.

Leave it to bad boy designer Jeremy Scott to come up with a solution in his new gig as creative director for the Italian fashion house Moschino.

His lace trench coat ($2,995) offers a quirky commentary on the under-outerwear trend, with a kitschy black lace négligée imprinted on the …


Do you wake up in the morning feeling like the woman pictured above?

If not, maybe you haven’t learned to “sleep with personality”.

To understand what that means, you’ll have to visit Sant & Abel, the Aussie startup that coined that clever slogan for its collection of striped and polka-dot bloomers, boxers and jammies.

S&A’s line is colorful and cute — and comes in …

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