Can a sexy name foretell success for a new fashion brand?

Well, probably not — unless that name is ‘Scarletta’, which happens to be a new British lingerie brand that will serve fuller-busted women when it launches…


An extraordinary photo project by a New York underwear brand aims to change the way people view post-mastectomy breast reconstruction — and those cancer survivors who choose not to undergo the procedure.

But there’s a lot more than that involved in the explicit topless images …

Kriss Soonik Sheds Her Skin
Posted by Lingerie Talk | February 25, 2015

There’s a good reason why snakes shed their skin every month or so: it allows them to grow.

It’s also a good metaphor for a spring wardrobe change; there’s nothing like a fashion makeover to lift the spirits and give you a new perspective on …

Only Hearts’ Love Letter to New York
Posted by Lingerie Talk | February 25, 2015

New York has a history of inspiring great romances among visitors and residents alike — not to mention the countless swooning tributes to the city itself from singers, authors, poets and street artists. For many people, New York is a love story.…


If you haven’t encountered a new sleepwear brand called Lusomé yet, consider yourself fortunate — it probably means you don’t need it.

But for women who know the misery of chronic night sweats, the new Canadian label with the high-tech fabric solution will feel like …

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