Play Out Underwear: LFW Runway Show
Posted by Lingerie Talk | October 27, 2014

Lingerie Fashion Week always seems to produce some unforseeable headline-grabbing moment that makes people think about their undies in a new way.

This year, that moment belonged to the New York upstart Play Out Underwear, which stormed the runway on skateboard and absolutely demolished gender boundaries with its squad of androgynous models.

The energetic show was a triumph for founders Abby Sugar and Sylvie Lardeux (below), who turned to Kickstarter to raise money to pay for the cost of mounting their runway production.

A highlight for many in the crowd was the skateboard antics of members of All Girl Skate Jam, which may be responsible for a new trend of underwear-clad boarders on the streets of America next summer.

More meaningful, though, was Play Out‘s inspired, multi-racial community of models, who showed off the brand’s new assortment of men’s and women’s “gender-neutral” boxer briefs. This is what pride is all about.

Below is a selection of images from Play Out‘s first runway show. You can learn more about the brand here and shop at their webstore.

All photos by Gustavo Villar.

You! Lingerie: LFW Runway Show
Posted by Lingerie Talk | October 27, 2014

Maternity specialist label You! Lingerie made headlines last year when it stunned the crowd at Lingerie Fashion Week by sending a parade of pregnant models down the runway.

The Georgia-based brand tried the same approach for the latest LFW show on the weekend, but this time the emphasis was clearly on the company’s increasingly broad range of style options.

Expectant moms in all stages of pregnancy proudly modeled You‘s colorful assortment of fashion maternity undergarments and loungewear — including some strappy styles that are more often targeted at younger consumers who haven’t yet begun to think about starting a family. A liberal dousing of body glitter and some metallic hardware accessories added to the contemporary vibe of the show.

Below we have a gallery of just some of You! Lingerie‘s groundbreaking LFW show and equally progressive fashion range.
All photos by Gustavo Villar.

Love Cage: LFW Fashion Presentation
Posted by Lingerie Talk | October 27, 2014

Black roses and handcuffs. Whips and chains and silken devil’s tails. What else would you expect to find at a lingerie show?

With fetish touches and a light-hearted approach to bondage garments, New York label Love Cage made a memorable debut on Saturday at Lingerie Fashion Week.

The new RTW collection from Sex Trash designer Stephanie Paterek combines luxury fabric choices with modest restraints and supple leather detailing. As for the dude in the black mask, well he’s not for sale so find your own.

Below are highlights from Love Cage‘s fashion presentation at LFW. Learn more about the new label here or on their webshop.

All photos by Gustavo Villar.

The Giving Bride: LFW Runway Show
Posted by Lingerie Talk | October 27, 2014

With seductive sheers and silky vintage styles, wedding label The Giving Bride charmed a packed house during its runway show at Lingerie Fashion Week on Saturday afternoon.

The Chicago-based label was part of LFW’s ‘Made in the USA’ presentation to support American manufacturing.

Founder Maggie Gillette started The Giving Bride in 2012 with the aim of using profits to support charitable work — hence the name.

Here are some highlights from their spirited runway show.

All photos by Gustavo Villar.


Models of all shapes, sizes, colors and even genders kept crowds buzzing and cheering on the weekend as Lingerie Fashion Week returned to New York with two days of runway shows and fashion presentations.

Held for the first time outside of womenswear fashion week, the latest version of LFW was a cliché-busting triumph of diversity and (sometimes unexpected) style.

Models hit the stage on skateboards, posed with BDSM accessories and performed mini-burlesque stripteases. There were brides in bloomers, two brands sent men down the fashion runway and one newcomer, the fetish-themed Love Cage, brought along its own dungeonmaster. That is what he was there for, right?

This edition of Lingerie Fashion Week showcased styles from the participating brands’ upcoming SS15 collection, and included stand-alone previews from a host of emerging designers and British labels that are new to North America.

And the event was not without some social commentary. The most poignant, and relevant, moment was offered by gay-friendly brand Play Out, which sent one of its male models down the runway inked with a tattoo that read “No Pain Is Forever”.

Below is a sample of highlights from the event. Individual galleries for the participating brands will follow.

Top photo shows model from Andrée Ciccarelli. All photos by Gustavo Villar.

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Play Out Underwear
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