Inside Britney’s Boudoir
Posted by Lingerie Talk | September 10, 2014

Want to see more from yesterday’s big press reveal for the new Intimate Britney Spears lingerie line?

The brand has supplied us with this large gallery of images showing the backstage preparations as well as the action onstage in the Celeste Bartos Forum at the New York Public Library. The event launched the debut collection of Britney’s first lingerie line, which begins with the Spring-Summer …


Tasteful. Mature. Classy.

Not usually the first words that come to mind when one thinks of Britney Spears.

But the unveiling of the Intimate Britney Spears lingerie brand in New York yesterday shows how far America’s former wild child has come in cleaning up her act.

What hasn’t changed is Britney’s ability to fascinate — and draw a crowd. About 200 fashion media and …

A Warm Indian Summer from Ysé
Posted by Lingerie Talk | September 9, 2014

The lovely French label Ysé straddles two welcome trends in the lingerie world: chic, fashion-conscious minimalism, and the emergence of a new breed of stylish labels that serve small-busted women.

Ysé has built a devoted following in the petites market during its first two years in business, and its Autumn-Winter 2014 collection should earn it many more fans. Now, if they can only snag some …

Wildfox in Austenland
Posted by Lingerie Talk | September 9, 2014

There is enough UK lingerie and sleepwear available on this side of the pond that you wouldn’t think an American brand would need to create a faux British assortment to satisfy market demand.

But Wildfox, the popular L.A.-based lifestyle label, has zeroed in on one aspect of fashion Anglophilia that has universal appeal among young women everywhere: the timeless romantic universe of Jane Austen

Posted in Wildfox

Brooklyn’s visionary lingerie and swimwear brand Chromat is about to change the way people look at fashion.

Not content to simply reinvent clothing — which it’s doing with with extraordinary speed and conviction — the coolest brand on the planet is making history today with the introduction of a 3-D “living lookbook” that lets viewers interact with images and even change what they’re looking at.…

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