Maison Close’s Lingerie For Mistresses
Posted by richard | July 30, 2014

There are many subtle differences between French and American culture, including the way people buy their underthings.

In France, for example, it’s often said (somewhat ruefully) that there are two categories in lingerie: those styles you buy for yourself, and those that your husband buys for his mistress.

And that’s only partly a joke. In the online ballot for the first French Lingerie Awards, …

How To Tame The Beast Within
Posted by Lingerie Talk | July 28, 2014

Among all the Greek myths, there’s probably none as un-sexy as the gruesome tale of Theseus, the unlucky sap tasked with slaying the Minotaur and then finding his way out of the Labrynth. It’s a bloody tale filled with tragedy, vengeance, suicide and a lot of quasi-cannibalistic man-eating.

So it comes as a surprise to see the Minotaur yarn show up in a surreal …

Loveday London’s Hardcore Romance
Posted by richard | July 28, 2014

With a name like Luisa Loveday, the founder of the UK’s newest luxury lingerie label seems like she was destined for a career in romance.

But was it fate or fiction that gave newcomer Loveday London its richly appropriate brand name?

In fact, the woman behind Loveday was born Luisa Loveday Rundle — one of those stranger-than-fiction examples of someone with an eerily apt …

What To Expect From Britney’s New Act
Posted by Lingerie Talk | July 27, 2014

It’s a mark of her maturation as a performer and a person that Britney Spears has finally been deemed safe enough to front a commercial lingerie brand under her own name.

The Intimate Britney Spears will debut in Canada, the U.S. and Europe in September, offering a range of lingerie sets, bustiers, kimonos, loungewear and sleepwear.

Product details are very hush-hush right now, but curiosity …


All of us have a resumé and we spend enormous time and energy polishing it, exaggerating the best bits and glossing over the inevitable stumbles on our career path. It’s the bullet-point story we tell others about our selves, a wishful autobiography we want to believe in.

We each have a sexual resumé too, and it’s as important a part of our identity as that …

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