Bradelis New York: LFW Runway Show
Posted by Lingerie Talk | October 28, 2014

New York will feel a bit colder this fall, now that the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has decamped for London, taking its army of supermodels and celebrity hangers-on with them.

But that didn’t stop Bradelis New York from offering its own mini-version at Lingerie Fashion Week, with a leggy parade of models in a glittering assortment of push-up bras and decorative fashion undies that would make Victoria’s girls blush.

Bradelis, now in its 20th year, used Friday’s runway event to showcase their latest styles, which bring together American expertise in bra construction with European styling and a Japanese fondness for ornamentation and lacy frills.

Here are some the best looks (and air kisses!) from Bradelis‘ standout show at LFW.

All photos by Gustavo Vilar.

Lola Haze: LFW Runway Show
Posted by Lingerie Talk | October 27, 2014

The strong V-line neck, the metallic sheen and those sheer teddies were instantly recognizable during the Lola Haze runway show at Lingerie Fashion Week on Saturday. But there was also plenty of evidence that the popular indie label is spreading its wings.

Known for its bold contrasts and sexy glam vibe, the five-year-old Lola Haze introduced a softer side with a collection of achingly pretty perforated ivory kaftans and slips, called Burn (above).

But most of the buzz around designer Laura Mehlinger‘s latest presentation was reserved for her surprising use of a male runway model to showcase one of her most popular metallic looks.

Here’s a look at all the models and styles from Lola Haze at Lingerie Fashion Week.

All photos by Gustavo Villar.

Secrets In Lace: LFW Runway Show
Posted by Lingerie Talk | October 27, 2014

Part Parisian floor show, part striptease, the runway presentation from iconic American brand Secrets In Lace was the closest thing to pure vintage fashion at Lingerie Fashion Week — an illusion that was spoiled only by the appearance of vivid candy-colored designs from the brand’s SS15 collection.

The Virginia-based distributor of retro undergarments used the LFW stage on Friday to show how far it has come in the 30 years since it began as a supplier of old-fashioned nylons.

It was the liveliest production in Lingerie Fashion Week‘s busy schedule, with SIL offering updated versions of vintage garments that celebrate the classic female figure. There were no coat hangers in this colorful parade, which managed to make nostalgia seem both fresh and relevant.

Here are some of the highlights from Secrets In Lace‘s fashion show, with founder Dan Whitsett appearing for a well-earned bow at the end.

All photos by Gustavo Villar.

Andrée Ciccarelli: LFW Runway Show
Posted by Lingerie Talk | October 27, 2014

New York newcomer André3 Ciccarelli had not one but two showstopping moments in her Lingerie Fashion Week runway show on Saturday.

But the crystal-and-florets French lace Salar jacket (above) and the gasp-inducing Halite lace lounge pants (below) were just two of the highlights in the exceptionally elegant presentation.

It was an impressive debut for the made-to-order label, which offers couture craftsmanship and luxury French and Italian fabrics to customers at the upper end of the market.

Below are all the looks from André3 Ciccarelli‘s fashion show.

All photos by Gustavo Villar.

Play Out Underwear: LFW Runway Show
Posted by Lingerie Talk | October 27, 2014

Lingerie Fashion Week always seems to produce some unforseeable headline-grabbing moment that makes people think about their undies in a new way.

This year, that moment belonged to the New York upstart Play Out Underwear, which stormed the runway on skateboard and absolutely demolished gender boundaries with its squad of androgynous models.

The energetic show was a triumph for founders Abby Sugar and Sylvie Lardeux (below), who turned to Kickstarter to raise money to pay for the cost of mounting their runway production.

A highlight for many in the crowd was the skateboard antics of members of All Girl Skate Jam, which may be responsible for a new trend of underwear-clad boarders on the streets of America next summer.

More meaningful, though, was Play Out‘s inspired, multi-racial community of models, who showed off the brand’s new assortment of men’s and women’s “gender-neutral” boxer briefs. This is what pride is all about.

Below is a selection of images from Play Out‘s first runway show. You can learn more about the brand here and shop at their webstore.

All photos by Gustavo Villar.

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