The Giving Bride: LFW Runway Show
Posted by Lingerie Talk | October 27, 2014

With seductive sheers and silky vintage styles, wedding label The Giving Bride charmed a packed house during its runway show at Lingerie Fashion Week on Saturday afternoon.

The Chicago-based label was part of LFW’s ‘Made in the USA’ presentation to support American manufacturing.

Founder Maggie Gillette started The Giving Bride in 2012 with the aim of using profits to support charitable work — hence the name.

Here are some highlights from their spirited runway show.

All photos by Gustavo Villar.


Models of all shapes, sizes, colors and even genders kept crowds buzzing and cheering on the weekend as Lingerie Fashion Week returned to New York with two days of runway shows and fashion presentations.

Held for the first time outside of womenswear fashion week, the latest version of LFW was a cliché-busting triumph of diversity and (sometimes unexpected) style.

Models hit the stage on skateboards, posed with BDSM accessories and performed mini-burlesque stripteases. There were brides in bloomers, two brands sent men down the fashion runway and one newcomer, the fetish-themed Love Cage, brought along its own dungeonmaster. That is what he was there for, right?

This edition of Lingerie Fashion Week showcased styles from the participating brands’ upcoming SS15 collection, and included stand-alone previews from a host of emerging designers and British labels that are new to North America.

And the event was not without some social commentary. The most poignant, and relevant, moment was offered by gay-friendly brand Play Out, which sent one of its male models down the runway inked with a tattoo that read “No Pain Is Forever”.

Below is a sample of highlights from the event. Individual galleries for the participating brands will follow.

Top photo shows model from Andrée Ciccarelli. All photos by Gustavo Villar.

Play Out Underwear
Secrets In Lace
The Giving Bride
You! Lingerie
Love Cage
Lola Haze
Models Backstage
Bradelis New York
Play Out Underwear
Play Out Underwear
You! Lingerie
Backstage Touch-Up
Andree Ciccarelli
Lola Haze
Love Cage’s Masked Man
Leather-trimmed chiffon Twilight Vixen hooded robe from Love Cage.

The debut collection from New York fetish-fashion lingerie label Love Cage isn’t for the faint of heart.

But what else would you expect from the renowned designer behind Sex Trash, the studs-and-leather bespoke line favored by some of the world’s most fearless celebrities?

Love Cage
, which launched today with a presentation at Lingerie Fashion Week, is the closest that design whiz Stephanie Paterek has ever come to creating edgy undies with crossover market appeal.

She’s toned down some of the punk detailing that marked her five years at the helm of Sex Trash, but kept the overall BDSM vibe. That means no spikes and fewer metal studs, but a very stylish use of leather collars and corset lacing that reflects the label’s roots in the fetish underground.

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But don’t call Love Cage bondage lite; bondage luxe would be more appropriate. (And just to show she hasn’t strayed far from her roots, Stephanie cites “medical corsets” and the provocative 1950s illustrations of John Willie, the publisher of the original Bizarre magazine, as her influences for this collection.)

It’s a “full” collection too, with bras, garters, panties and bustiers in a variety of leather and stretch lace configurations, and it’ll all be available on Love Cage‘s webshop.


The most popular item in the debut collection is bound (pardon the pun) to be the Bound By Desire bustier (above, $450), a mesh-and-leather beauty with eight cords that bind the leather cups to a matching collar.

But the showstopper in the collection is the brazen Lounging Mistress robe (below, $950): a lavish boudoir piece in nude silk charmeuse that piles up at your ankles, it’s paired with a black leather waspie-like belt that perfectly conveys the Love Cage aesthetic of mixing restraint and freedom in one erotic package.


Most of Stephanie’s goth-meets-heavy-metal creations for Sex Trash were one-offs or bespoke garments and they helped craft the powerful public image of trend leaders like Britney, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Taylor Momsen. The Love Cage assortment is infinitely more accessible (even with those luxe price tags) and several pieces are clearly meant for private enjoyment rather than public display.

Love Cage
enters the American lingerie scene at an interesting time. Despite the influence of 50 Shades of Grey and the growing mainstream curiosity around BDSM and its fashion repertoire, very few U.S. designers have been willing to test women’s appetite for bondage-themed undies (exceptions include Kiki De Montparnasse, Dani Read’s FYI and Fleur Du Mal).

The release next Valentine’s Day of the first 50 Shades movie will almost certainly amp up interest in styles like these, which bodes well for Love Cage. Always a bit of a fashion outlier, Stephanie Paterek just might find herself at the head of the pack again.

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Ask any woman who’s got a male hockey fan in the house and they’ll tell you — the second that frozen puck hits the ice, the rest of the world becomes meaningless. Guys follow the puck with the unblinking focus of race dogs chasing a metal rabbit, breaking their concentration only long enough to grab another beer. A bevy of naked supermodels could walk past and no one would notice.

That truism adds a nice comic twist to the hockey-themed fall photo campaign and video from edgy UK lingerie label Reckless Wolf, which shows a scrimmage among beefy, bruised players who are oblivious to the slinky, lingerie-clad fans around them.

It is, as far as we know, the first time the addictive winter pastime has been associated with the steamy world of erotic women’s underthings. If this were a Canadian brand, it would be front-page news.

But the connection between hockey and sexy underwear isn’t just a promo gimmick for Reckless Wolf, which, as it turns out, really knows its game.

“The concept came about due to my love of hockey,” Jade Little, the brand’s founder and designer, told Lingerie Talk. “After living near Boston for a year I went to many Bruins games and got hooked. Then I met my partner, who is a (Montreal) Canadiens fan. Game night is always interesting here.”


The Ice Hockey video and lookbook showcase three new style ranges for the year-old Reckless Wolf, whose powerful strappy looks and geometric cutouts were an immediate hit in the British market.

The label’s branding is based on animal themes with erotic double meanings: style ranges are called Hunted, Prey, Howl and Caged, and the company’s followers are known as the Wolf Pack.

For Fall 2014, Reckless Wolf introduced three new black-and-white ranges, led by the jaw-dropping Raw multi-strap set and the mesh Wild line with a distinctive ‘W’ built into each design.

The Ice Hockey shoot shows a pair of Wolf Pack girls watching from the sidelines and joining the players on the ice, in the dressing room and even in the showers — not that the guys pay them much attention. But the reality behind-the-scenes was a bit different.

“We put a call out for guys that wanted to be in this kind of shoot and we had a great response,” Little said. “Girls in lingerie seemed to sway them to be involved.”

The shoot took place in July at the Guildford Spectrum recreation complex south of London and involved “real” players from two teams, including some from the British Elite league. The crew worked from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. to complete Reckless Wolf‘s first video, and the models “were equipped with big fluffy dressing gowns and hot water bottles” to keep out the cold.

“The main message behind all the campaigns we shoot is empowering women,” Little said, “but, unlike other brands, we want to involve the men. 

“I think hockey has a lot of the same characteristics that Reckless Wolf embodies,” she added. “The danger element, the fast-paced excitement, but also a great contrast between the hardened players and the softer seductive side of the girls in lingerie.” 

And if you feel sorry for the battered gladiators in this contest, don’t worry: the “bruises” were added “after a couple of the players wanted to be made-up too,” Little said.

Below are some more images from what is surely one of the year’s most original lingerie campaigns. Credits appear at the bottom.


Credits: Jay McLaughlin, photographer; Matty Melvin, videographer; Gabriella Kuti and Hannah Owen, models.

Victoria’s Secret Models Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before
Posted by Lingerie Talk | October 23, 2014

British fashion media impresario Nick Knight is renowned for his avante garde collaborations, but his latest shoot provided a unique challenge: finding a new perspective on some of the world’s most-photographed women.

The founder of, a digital fashion media platform, teamed up with 10 Magazine last week to shoot 8 Victoria’s Secret Angels for a magazine spread that offers “a modern take on the pin-up”. Knight worked with !0 editor Sophie Neophitou, who has also been producing the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for the past few seasons.

To get everyone excited about the results, SHOWstudio streamed Knight’s photo sessions live on three consecutive evenings. The final results will appear in 10‘s spring 2015 edition, which will hit newsstands in January.

Throughout the ultra-high-concept shoots, the magazine released a series of preview images, some of which we’ve included below.

Look for familiar VS models like Behati Prinsloo, Jourdan Dunn, Sui He, Cindy Bruna, Barbara Fialho, Devon Windsor, Lais Ribero and Ming Xi. You’ll see most or all of them next month when the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is filmed in London.


Credits: SHOWstudio, 10 Magazine

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