As I write this, it is -29° Celsius in London, Ontario, which works out to -20° Farenheit or roughly the temperature when brass monkeys start getting nervous.

London is one of Canada’s southernmost cities, only 90 minutes from Detroit, but you’d think it was in Alaska. The landlocked college town is midway between Lake Huron and Lake Erie (more…)

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Edge O’ Beyond Goes Further
Posted by richard | February 17, 2015

Young lingerie designers often encounter a harsh reality when they enter the business.

Regardless of how well your college grad collection was received or how artistic and innovative your design concepts might be, the fashion world can be notoriously unwelcoming to new talent and new ideas. (more…)

Lasers and Latex: Chromat Lights Up Fashion Week, Again
Posted by Lingerie Talk | February 15, 2015

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With a collection that paired slippery latex with 3-D-printed body braces illuminated by LED lights and green lasers, Brooklyn’s Chromat Garments lit up MADE Fashion Week with its Autumn-Winter 2015 runway show on Friday night.

Its new collection, called Mindfiles, was inspired by the concept of “digital immortality” and featured 25 futuristic conceptual looks from Chromat designer Becca McCharen. (more…)


Catalina Girald burst onto the North American lingerie scene just over a year ago determined to do things differently and empower women in a way that truly matters.

Her startup label, Naja Lingerie, has produced several small collections since then and earned tremendous goodwill for its commitment to fair-labour manufacturing and worker training in Catalina’s native Colombia. No wonder Naja has amassed nearly 70,000 Facebook friends already. (more…)

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Just when it seems we’ve got the gender equality thing sorted out, along comes Valentine’s Day to screw the whole thing up and undo about 100 years of social progress.

Valentine’s Day is our most conflicted annual occasion, a market-driven stew of angst and disappointed expectations. It’s also our most sexist holiday. (more…)

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