Hallowe’en Costumes For Fallen Angels
Posted by richard | September 22, 2014

Victoria’s Secret has quietly backed away from its annual rollout of erotic Hallowe’en costumes, probably because they had become a predictable lightning rod for criticism. They won’t be missed.

Who can forget those sexy little geisha, senorita and native outfits … and a host of others that were meant to have fun with workplace stereotypes but ended up offending almost everyone who saw themselves …


Fashion Week favorite Maya Hansen skipped the Madrid show last February, but with good reason: she was a bit preoccupied with her new baby, a boy named Nuno.

That left followers of the prodigiously talented and hypercreative corset maker wondering when Hansen would reappear, and what fantastical designs she’d have with her.

The answer came on Saturday at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Madrid, when Hansen …


Sophie and Alice Holloway should have no trouble drawing a crowd when they show up at Cambridge University’s “Freshers Week” for first-year students next week.

They won’t be there to learn, but to teach. And their mission? To educate young women about orgasms and encourage them to “think differently about how women are treated in the bedroom.”

The London-based sisters are the founders of Holloway

My Scottish Heart
Posted by Lingerie Talk | September 16, 2014

Given the timing, there’s something wistful about this new graphic sweater and sweatpants set, called My Scottish Heart, from the American clothing brand Wildfox.

It’s part of their new Jane Austen and all-things-British collection of sleepwear, intimates and other apparel called Sense and Eccentricity that we told you about last week.

The cozy Scotland sweater though, is only available through the company’s UK

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If someone calls you “fundipendulous,” it likely means you’re working up a sweat somewhere, having a ball and looking f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s. And probably wearing VPL.

It’s also something we’ve been seeking for a long time: a single word to describe the New York brand and its radical, utterly unparalleled approach to active underwear.

It’s been a year since Victoria Bartlett‘s trend-setting label pivoted …

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