Punch-Hole Love
Posted by richard | April 2, 2014

If your underwear has holes in it, that usually means it’s time to go shopping.

Unless you’re wearing something from the upcoming fall collection by NYC lingerie label Unforeseen Circumstances, which has turned hole-y underwear into a kind of pop art fashion statement.

Several pieces in the new collection are riddled with punched holes of various sizes — drive-by-shooting chic, perhaps?

Actually, the point …

La Perla’s $1,000 T-Shirt
Posted by richard | April 1, 2014

Regardless of how long it took to get here, the arrival of spring marks the beginning of our favorite time of year: the lingerie-as-outerwear season.

And this year, Italian luxury brand La Perla sets the gold standard for outerwear styles with a T-shirt design that wouldn’t look out of place on the red carpet or at an evening gala.

But the semi-sheer Lotus Pearl top …

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A Purr-fect Bra For Every Woman?
Posted by LT Staff | April 1, 2014

Finally, someone has come up with the perfect solution to common bra-fitting problems: replacing traditional cup sizes with … kittens.

California e-commerce brand True & Co. announced today a new standardized bra-size formula that ranges from Double Fluffy all the way down to Newborn.

And, to help website visitors navigate the new sizing options, True has replaced the standard click-and-point arrow with a …

How Bracli Got Its Groove Back (NSFW)
Posted by richard | March 28, 2014

Can an old pearl regain its original luster?

For Bracli, creators of the world-renowned pearl thong, the question isn’t academic.

The company whose orgasmic invention brought Kim Cattrall to her knees (literally) on Sex and the City, Bracli is undergoing a brand makeover in an effort to recapture its former glory.

Once a luxury gift of choice among hedonistic high-rollers, the new Bracli

A Love Match For Tennis Girl
Posted by richard | March 26, 2014

She was one of the most familiar figures of the freewheeling 1970s, but no one saw her face and few people knew her name.

She was known simply as “Tennis Girl”, an anonymous leggy blonde caught scratching her bare bum on a tennis court bathed in late afternoon sunlight.

The mildly provocative 1976 photograph (below) by Martin Elliott went on to become one of …

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