Why These Period Ads Got Red-Flagged
Posted by Lingerie Talk | October 23, 2015

Almost getting banned was probably the best imaginable outcome for the provocative new ad campaign from a New York underwear label that wants to get people talking about women’s periods.

Thinx, a proudly feminist cause-based brand, received infinitely more exposure than it could have …


A Canadian photographer’s effort to “help women showcase their beauty and their power” by posing in lingerie also revealed something else: their compassion and kindness.

All of the 78 models featured in the glamorous photo-art book The Stockings Project, which went on sale this …


There are thousands of lingerie brands clamoring for your attention and patronage every day, many of them backed up by expensive and glamorous marketing campaigns.

So how’s a newcomer to the industry supposed to get noticed?

If you’re Trusst Lingerie, a potentially revolutionary concept …

Negative Tackles a Nagging ‘Pain Point’
Posted by richard | October 14, 2015

Every fashion startup wants to find the sweet spot — that elusive intersection of design trends and consumer tastes that can put a young brand on the map.

Negative Underwear, the much-buzzed-about minimalist label out of New York, has done it a couple of …

And Now, The Lingerie Hat
Posted by Lingerie Talk | October 8, 2015

This lingerie-inspired headpiece in undoubtedly the most precious fashion collab of the year, and comes with an impeccable pedigree. It also looks like something Darth Vader’s wife might wear.

The asymmetrical wide-brimmed lace hat comes from chic couture hat-maker Maison Michel and premium lingerie and …

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