Hot Swimwear From Rosa Cha’s 2011 Winter Collection
Posted by melanie | July 6, 2010

Whew! I’ve been enjoying the sweltering heat wave that’s passing through my neck of the woods (seriously, I almost suffered from heat exhaustion yesterday trying to perfect my Bundchen tan) and while I’m sure none of you care to even think about the impending winter, trust me, after seeing the new winter offerings from Rosa Cha you might just be tempted to book that cold-escape …

She Once Was Mine

A wonderful photo editorial today from the Spanish photographers Andoni and Arantxa that simply oozes 1950s-era style.

Titled “She Once Was Mine”, the spread features models Lina Navickaite and Ella Kandyba styled to evoke the retro pinup look of Bettie Page (the Madonna of vintage lingerie aficionados!) but dressed in very modern lingerie pieces.

For example, the image above could be a postcard from 1956 …

La Perla

La Perla Studio

LaPerla - Villa Toscana

Lingerie powerhouse La Perla will be undergoing some changes this autumn/winter. No, the company is not changing creative directors, so don’t worry about La Perla’s alluring lingerie becoming the atrocity that, say, hot-mess Lindsay Lohan inflicted upon Ungaro. In fact — hard to imagine — La Perla’s going to be all that much better.

The Italian lingerie label has implemented a new “brand …

Duloren Campaign

My mother used to say there were three topics unsuitable for dinner table conversation: sex, politics and religion. I wonder what she’d think of this new advert from Brazilian lingerie label Duloren?

Duloren’s controversial campaign takes aim at the Catholic church and the numerous accusations of child sexual abuse against Catholic priests in several countries.

The ad portrays a lingerie-clad model standing outside the …

I guess Germany isn’t satisfied with reaching the top of the football world this summer — because German retail label Lascana clearly has its sights set on conquering the lingerie world, too.

In the past couple of weeks, Lascana has released generous campaigns for both its summer lingerie collection and 2010 swimwear lines, both fronted by Russian beauty Irina Shayk.

Irina (who is sometimes …

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