Why is it that every time someone wants to invade Canada, they look for a sneaky way to catch us off guard?

The Brits snuck in through Quebec. The Yanks got beaten back when they tried to cross at (of all places) Niagara Falls. And the Russians are always trying to get in through the Arctic.

But whoever thought of trying to invade Canada through …

Toronto Fans Shower Tim McGraw With Love … And Bras
Posted by richard | August 9, 2010
Tim McGraw in Toronto, Aug. 7 2010

How hot is it in Toronto this summer?

Well, a couple of weeks ago, Lady Gaga played in her underwear. This weekend, Tim McGraw played with … yours.

A lusty, mostly-female crowd at the country hunk’s concert here on Saturday showered Tim with dozens of bras after he sat at the edge of a walkway to sing ‘Down On The Farm’. Suddenly, a …

Silk and lace kimono | Fleur of England

I’m a big fan of Fleur of England lingerie which,  as you can probably guess, hails from the UK.

We briefly introduced this label in the bridal trousseau post and True Blood feature (have you been watching season 3? Don’t think it’s the juiciest and best yet?!) earlier this summer.

Now, Fleur of England has unveiled its Midnight Storm collection, which I simply have to …

Eat Pray Love | Julia Roberts

Millions of women around the world were moved by Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir of healing, self-discovery and so much more while visiting Naples, India and Bali during a year-long mental health break.

Anyone who has gone through an ugly divorce, suffered depression, questioned their faith, struggled with their weight or despaired about finding true love — in other words, just about everyone …

Lingerie For Sweaty Days In The City
Posted by amy | August 9, 2010
VPL lingerie from 2Humid | Vimeo

It’s pretty sticky all across North America these days, and the forecast is for more of the same. So what’s a girl to wear?

We liked the new video (below) titled “2Humid” from n9 Productions, which offers a steamy look at lingerie styles to wear when it’s really, really hot.

The classy vid features two models named Maree and Kaja, along with …

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