Izabel Goulart Fronts Plie’s Spring 2011 Campaign
Posted by melanie | October 19, 2010

Yet another Victoria’s Secret model is making headlines as Izabel Goulart returns to inject some Brazilian charm into Plié’s spring 2011 campaign.

It’s only fitting that Izabel front Plié’s latest collection (she also modeled their F/W campaign), since the label s based in her native Brazil. And while the name may evoke ‘bun heads’ (a.k.a. ballerinas), the lingerie and shapewear is not solely reserved for those sinuous dancers.

Launched in 1998, the label sought to create seamless lingerie and shapewear for today’s modern, dynamic woman. And really, what woman doesn’t love undergarments that virtually eliminate any signs of VPL without digging into those love handles?!

Plié boasts multiple style ranges, suitable for various needs and seasons. Choose from the Control line, seam-free shapewear made from super-microfiber exclusive to Plié, break a sweat in the label’s Sportswear line or lounge in super-soft Sweet Cotton. Also worth mentioning is that many of their microfiber styles feature their signature ‘hydrophylic’ treatment (which simply means ‘breathable’) that wicks away any moisture!

Not only does the label also cater to expectant moms with uber-comfy briefs, but get this — Plié also features a health and beauty line that includes of a compression short which can help heal bruises faster after surgery, as well as a front-fastening seamless support bra that requires minimal effort to close, making it ideal for breast-feeding moms or women who have undergone mastectomies.

Offered from sizes S-XL, Plié can be purchased online at plieusa.com.

Check out some images below of the lovely Goulart modeling some of the label’s goods.

P.S. And yes, I know what you’re thinking: “Pfft! That girl does NOT need shapewear!” Readers, I am with you on this one — even if I were to don some control panties, something tells me I still wouldn’t resemble Goulart’s figure. Le sigh.

Izabel Goulart for Plie Lingerie Spring 2011

Izabel Goulart for Plie Lingerie Spring 2011
Izabel Goulart for Plie Lingerie Spring 2011
Izabel Goulart for Plie Lingerie Spring 2011
Izabel Goulart for Plie Lingerie Spring 2011
Izabel Goulart for Plie Lingerie Spring 2011
Movmoda Bandeau Bra

For most women on the go, the idea of lacy underpinnings isn’t an option for daily consideration. We work hard and play hard. Sometimes we bike to work, our heels stashed in our handbags. We need more than a leopard-print thong to get us through the day.

Enter MovModa and their innovative new line of “performance lingerie”. This is one design concept we’re already behind — a hybrid of sexy lingerie and supportive workout wear.

Made from Italian-designed Sensitive® fabrics (a luxurious blend of nylon mircofiber and Lycra® elastomer) that breathe, control moisture and offer UV protection, the garments are sleek, flattering alternatives to grubby sports bras and waist-pinching bike shorts.

“We wanted to create a product that evokes sensuality and blends key ingredients: a dash of sex appeal, a flirty touch and a lot of comfort,” explains Kerry Mann, president of MovModa.

The 2011 MovModa Performance Lingerie Collection targets the cycling commuter, with 10 sure-to-fly-off-the-shelves pieces: Bandeau Bra, Bandeau Cami, Bralette, Shirred Cami, Booty Panty, Booty Short, Thong Short, Spin Short, Thong and UniSuit.

And, yes, they’re eco-friendly, ensuring that your ride to work positively impacts both your body and the environment. The non-bulky separates will disappear under your clothes, unless, of course, you opt to wear the versatile gear as outerwear. A woman likes having options.

Here’s a quick peek at some of the upcoming collection:

  • The Bandeau Bra (top photo), available in seven color combinations, is fully lined with wide adjustable straps that won’t cut into your shoulders and can be crisscrossed for maximum support. Pair it with the seamless-front Booty Panty (the V-shaped waistband is super-flattering) and you’re good to go!
  • The Shirred Cami (first photo below), with its princess seams, flattering shirring and fully lined bra cups, needs no cover-up. Cycling/spinning devotees can throw on a pair of Spin Shorts, complete with a crisscross waist and fleece-paneled gusset and head for their bikes.

The new line will hit stores in early 2011, with reasonable prices ranging from $50 to $100. Check out the official MovModa website, where you’ll more styles like the ones shown below, and plan for a minor shopping spree come January.

MovModa Shirred Cami

MovModa Unisuit

MovModa bralette

MovModa Thong Short

MovModa Spin Short
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Myla Plans 10th Anniversary Collection
Posted by connie | October 18, 2010
Myla Lingerie

Myla, the British luxury lingerie brand that counts Kate Moss among their exclusive clientele and was named one of the 500 Coolest Brands by The Centre for Brand Analysis, is celebrating 10 years of producing silky unmentionables for fashionable women.

Fittingly, the company, which began in a Notting Hill shop, is deciding to splash out for their big anniversary. Not only has Myla decided to create an anniversary collection of luxury lingerie, but they are also generating buzz by holding a competition to determine the face for this new line. Auditions wrapped up yesterday and the winner will be announced prior to the new collection hitting stores this November.

Myla’s 10th anniversary collection — sorry, no photos yet! — is said to include limited edition pieces that celebrate the brand’s heritage. The items will come in various types of silks, chiffons and satins that will be trimmed and festooned with lace, feathers and frills.

For the woman who likes a bit of bling with her nightwear there will also be pieces encrusted with Swarovski crystals. Not surprisingly, the lingerie has been designed in Myla’s signature colours of black, deep berry and flirty blush pink.

After first setting up shop in Notting Hill, the Myla brand soon gained great buzz by marketing an exclusive line of bedroom toys dreamed up by famous designers. The toys soon found homes in art galleries and on coffee tables, changing the way many looked at such intimate items. Today they’re still available to be purchased online and at Myla stores, along with lingerie, sleepwear and swimwear.

The Myla brand then grew by leaps and bounds after their products began selling first in Selfridges and then Harrods, an expansion that coincided with the opening of boutiques in trendy London areas like Walton Street, Kings Road, Bond Street and Chelsea. In 2004, Myla breached the North American market with their first store on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Ten years on Myla enjoys its status as one of the UK’s leading luxury lingerie brands, recently unveiling a new flagship in London’s Westfield shopping centre’s The Village.

As for who will be gracing ad campaigns and billboards clad in Myla’s anniversary collection, a spokesperson for Next Models, the agency handling the Myla model serach, recently said they are looking for “a classically beautiful girl, with amazing skin, a fabulous body and a sparkling personality” to embody the Myla lingerie woman.

Not only will the winner be the face of Myla’s anniversary collection, but she will also take home £500 worth of the company’s luxury lingerie and a chance to land a Next contract. If you’re not in London or New York, but would like to get your hands on some trendy Myla luxury lingerie just hit up their site at www.myla.com.

While we’re waiting for the anniversary collection to make its appearance, here’s a taste of what’s in stores now — Myla’s 2010 autumn-winter collection, modeled by Laura Blokhina.

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AP’s Inspired ‘Birthday Suit’
Posted by amy | October 17, 2010
Agent Provocateur Birthday Suit

Here’s an early tip for those of you who are thinking of surprising your mate with an erotic treat on Christmas morning.

Agent Provocateur has been quietly adding new lines to its A/W 2010 collection, and this one is truly inspired — the Birthday Suit ensemble. When I first saw this bold, playful range with the hilarious name, I didn’t know whether to laugh, gasp or simply applaud.

Exquisitely fashioned from fine silk satin and offered in a striking scarlet hue, AP’s Birthday Suit line is part kittenish-cute and part Vegas raunch — a description which pretty much sums up this boundary-pushing brand.

The styles range from the comparatively demure babydoll (above) with its fluted silhouette and oversized satin bows, to the NSFW playsuit (below) with ruched straps and built-in panty.

There’s also a classic AP suspender, a gorgeous demi-cup satin bra with more big bows and — get this — heart-shaped stick-on pasties in sequined leather with silk tassels. Not the pastie type? Well, once you look closely at the Birthday Suit bra, you’ll probably want/need them too!

Wannabe designers can also learn something from the Birthday Suit line. The styles really aren’t much different than other AP lines, but it makes a statement nevertheless because of the bold, brilliant monochromatic color choice. AP’s ravishing red is perfect for satin confections like this — it not only purrs eros, but it makes an ideal statement on Christmas, Valentine’s Day or whatever passes for a special romantic occasion in your household.

The Birthday Suit line is one of several that AP has added to its website catalogue in the past couple of weeks to go along with the teaser videos it released this summer to promote the upcoming collection. Be sure to check out what’s new — we especially love the magenta Sherlyn line in silk jacquard with lace trim — as there are more new styles coming soon.

You can also learn more about AP’s design aesthetic by viewing this video in which creative director Sarah Shotton explains some of the new pieces.

Agent Provocateur Birthday Suit
Agent Provocateur Birthday Suit
Agent Provocateur Birthday Suit
Agent Provocateur Birthday Suit
Bra and Panty

Ottawa, the capital of Canada, has often be labeled a stuffy, conservative city without much ‘excitement’. I beg to differ.

Case in point was last week’s vintage lingerie party at Victoire boutique, where owners Katie and Regine breathed some excitement into our mainly quiet capital.

Vintage lingerie aficionados themselves, the girls had finally amassed enough lingerie through donations and estate sales to throw their first-ever lingerie shopping event, the Some Like it Hot Vintage Lingerie Sale!

Since I already patronize this boutique and have a love for all things pretty-with-an-edge (Victoire describes the girls who shop there as “rebel girls with good manners”), I decided to scope it out for myself.

I arrived at 4:20 p.m., 20 minutes after the start time, but there were already droves of women clutching sorbet-hued chiffon and lace confections waiting patiently to assess the old underpinnings in the fitting rooms. Apparently we Ottawa women sure do like our skivvies … and they say our city is not exciting! Pfffft!

The vintage lingerie was conveniently sorted by color and style: one rack boasted pastel babydolls, camisoles, high-waisted sheer knickers and flowing nightgowns while the other appealed to those ready to unleash their more naughty side with red lace, leopard  teddies and barely-there undies.

And guess who made a surprise visit to merchandise Victoire’s shop windows for the event? Hannah Metz of The Loved One! She is, after all, an Ottawa native (see, we DO boast cool cred).

As Hannah is launching her own lingerie label, it seemed appropriate that she should arrange the goodies in the display windows in what Regine dubbed the ‘lingerie chandelier’. Describing this concoction would only further confuse you, so it’s best to imagine this. Trust me.

All in all, the event was a success; women left the store carrying mint-green tissue-wrapped frilly underthings, gushing about their new purchases. But the party was more than just a shopping event, it was about making new what is old — and that feels better than scoring new duds.

Psst! Did I mention you can shop online from Victoire?! Click here to check out their site!

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